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One ILSI: Building on the stength of the international network.


Global Network

ILSI is an international network of experts.
Hundreds of scientists and health professionals worldwide initiate new research; collect, review, and summarize existing data; and disseminate scientific findings.

ILSI fosters a global exchange of ideas.
The sharing of concerns, perspectives, insights, and experiences across geography and culture improves the scientific process.

ILSI is committed to communication, coordination, cooperation, and collaboration.
Success is based on hard work and dedication to openness and transparency.

ILSI Research Foundation

ILSI Argentina
ILSI Brasil
ILSI Europe
ILSI Focal Point in China
ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute
ILSI Japan
ILSI Korea
ILSI Mesoamerica (link coming soon)
ILSI Mexico
ILSI Middle East (link coming soon)
ILSI North America
ILSI North Andean
ILSI South Africa
ILSI South Andean
ILSI Southeast Asia Region
ILSI Taiwan


ILSI works in time zones across the globe.

International Perspective

The initial steps for establishing ILSI and its ultimate incorporation over 30 years ago were made in the United States. From inception, however, ILSI's outlook has been international.  While ILSI always recognized that health and science are borderless concepts it also realizes that decision are often made locally or regionally. ILSI's network is consciously designed so that science - no matter where it is generated - can be applied in national or regional context.
Today, 16 regional, or country specific branches, the ILSI Research Foundation, and the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute work together to provide a flexible mechanism for identifying emerging issues, fostering a harmonized use of science , and building scientific capacity at the local level.