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ILSI Research Foundation
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Center for Integrated Modeling of
Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition Security

The Center for Integrated Modeling of Sustainable Agriculture & Nutrition Security (CIMSANS) was established by the ILSI Research Foundation in September 2012. CIMSANS builds on that organization’s strengths in nutrition science, public-private engagement with government, academia and the private sector, and developing and disseminating new scientific knowledge.
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Launch of the CIMSANS Sustainable Nutrition Security Working Paper
​This paper, authored by more than 25 global experts in the fields of sustainability, climate change and food & nutrition, presents a vision for creating a credible, global assessment of sustainable nutrition security, given the constraints of growing global demand, climate change, dwindling resources, nutrition needs, and other factors
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Interested in climate change and sustainable nutrition? Follow the CIMSANS Blog.
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Joint GEOSHARE Workshop and Improved Modeling Summit
September Joint Workshops:  Improving Data and Models to Support Food System Sustainability Modeling
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
10-12 September 2014
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The Power of Partnerships
​The ILSI Research Foundation has been pre-qualified  by the U.S. Department of State’s Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships to manage future public-private partnership opportunities which may arise for the Department of State based on the Research Foundation’s interest and capacity.
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CIMSANS is working to understand how climate change affects nutrition security.