Annual meeting ILSI LATAM

Annual meeting ILSI LATAM
San José, Costa Rica
2018-08-22 – 2018-08-24
Hotel Barceló San José Palacio

At the end of August 2018 ILSI subsidiaries in Latin America will hold their annual meeting, this time it will be ILSI Mesoamerica in Costa Rica who will have the pleasure of being the host and receiving the representatives of the ILSI subsidiaries for this meeting.

For the third consecutive year, the executive directors and collaborators of the subsidiaries meet to make known not only the progress made during the year, but also to improve their skills, through training and / or trainings in different areas that are very useful in the daily life of ILSI.

For this occasion it is expected to have the participation of representatives of the various industrial partners of all subsidiaries, as well as academic partners who wish to accompany them.

To know the activities that will take place, you can do it here.


Mrs. Morven McLean
ILSI Research Foundation y MT Chair

Mrs. Allison Kretser
Coordinator of the Scientific Integrity Committee

Mrs. Ana Mercedes Pérez
Profesor and Researcher
Costa Rica University

Mrs. Georgina Gómez
Profesor and Researcher
Costa Rica University

Miss. María Fernanda Herrera

Sr. Stephane Vidry
Director Of Operations
ILSI Global

Sr. Emmanuel Herrera

Ing. Fernán Cañas
Academic and consultant on strategy and operations issues

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