Microbiome in Food Safety, Food Quality and Human Health

In collaboration with the Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Food Research Institute
Chicago, IL, USA
Chicago Marriott Southwest Hotel

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Videos and presentations will be posted here after the event. 


Welcome and Introduction – Bob Brackett and Chuck Czuprynski

Overview of the microbiome in health and disease
Cindy Davis, NIH

Influence of the microbiome on food allergies
Ann Marie Singh, UW-Madison

Effect of the microbiome on cardiovascular health
Federico Rey, UW-Madison

Microbiome impact on diabetes and obesity
Andre Marette, Laval Univ.

Influence of probiotics and prebiotics on the microbiome
Maria Marco, UC-Davis

The microbiome; a key player in foodborne infections
Colin Hill, Cork Univ.

Morning Summary and Best Practices
David Klurfeld, USDA

Microbiome of food animal species and the effects of antibiotics
Paul Morley, Colorado State

Microbiome of fresh produce
Andrea Ottesen, FDA/CFSAN

Microbiome of cheese
Joelle Salazar, FDA

Microbiome in a food processing facility
Andy Benson, Metagenome Analytics

Panel Discussion – representatives from industry, government and academia
Panel leaders: Adam Borger and David Klurfeld

  • Andy Benson, Metagenome Analytics
  • Bob Baker, Mars
  • John O’Brien, Nestle
  • Miguel Freitas, Danone
  • Eric Brown, FDA
  • Greg Siragusa, Eurofins
  • Marge Leahy, ILSI

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