The monthly column has been designed in the format of fact sheet and is inaugurated in August, 2016. Experts in the field are invited to address important food and nutrition facts via the popular science format. The articles are provided in Chinese.


December 2017

New Concepts of  Vitamin D 

By LEE, Hung-Chang

Deputy Superintendent, MacKay Memorial Hospital 

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November 2017

Arsenic in Rice

By CHEN, Hsiu-Lin & LEE, Ching-Chang

Professor, Department of Food Safety/Hygiene and Risk Management

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October 2017

Introduction to AGP(Antibiotic Growth Promoters)-Free Feeding

By CHOU, Chung-Hsi 

Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, National Taiwan University 

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September 2017

Understanding Bread & How to Eat Them Healthily 

By SHIH, Kuen-Ho

Director General, China Grain Products Research & Development Institute 

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Aged woman doing physical exercise with barbells

August 2017

Build Muscle for Aging Gracefully

By CHEN, Liang Kung

Director, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Hospital Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology 

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Challenges ahead sign

July 2017

Seize the Trend and Create New Blue Ocean for Food Industry

By LIAO, Chii-Cherng, PhD

Director General, Food Industry Research and Development Institute 

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June 2017

Strengthening Risk Communication Capacity is the Key to Build Consumer Trust in Food Safety

By LIN, Ming-Pei, PhD

Chair, ILSI Taiwan Communications Committee 

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May 2017

The Secret Code of Caffeine Daily Intake

By CHANG, Yueh-Ing, PhD

Executive Director, ILSI Taiwan

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April 2017

Identify Dairy Products from Its Labeling 

By CHEN, Ming Ju, PhD

Chair, ILSI Taiwan Food Safety Committee

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March 2017

The Observation and Trend of Clean Label 

By CHEN, Chung Jen, PhD

Food Industry Research and Development Institute

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February 2017

Talking about Salt-sensitive Hypertension: Is Salt really bad for you?

By TSAI, Jimmy, PhD

ILSI Taiwan Vice President, Chung Yuan Christian University

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January 2017

The New Trend of Norovirous Prevention and Control- from Risk Analysis Perspective

By CHENG, Wei-Chih, PhD

Taiwan Food and Drug Administration

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December 2016

Nutritional Myths and Recommendations for the Elderly People in Taiwan

By International Life Sciences Institute Taiwan (ILSI Taiwan)

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November 2016

Food High Pressure Processing (HPP) Technology

By CHU, Chung-Liang, PhD

Food Industry Research and Development Institute

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October 2016

Five Must-Know Facts about Food Safety Issues

By CHEN, Lu-Hung, PhD

ILSI Taiwan President, Food Industry Research and Development Institute (retired)

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September 2016

Taiwan Iodine Nutrition Myth

By SHAW, Ning-Shin, PhD

Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, National Taiwan University

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August 2016

No More Limits on Dietary Cholesterol Intake?

By LU, Shao-Chun, PhD

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University

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