2016 Annual Meeting Videos

Did you miss Annual Meeting? Were you unable to attend a session? In most cases, speakers grant ILSI permission to record and post videos of their presentations online. Videos from the 2016 Annual Meeting are available here.

For the full program, visit: 2016 Annual Meeting Program 

Sunday, 24 January 2016
ILSI Assembly of Members

An "Obesity Paradox"

Carl Lavie, MD, presents a provocative theory: fitness is more important for health than weight.

Monday, 25 January 2016
ILSI North America Scientific Session
Beyond Appetite: New Perspectives on Eating Behavior

Cognition & Intake

Jeffrey Brunstrom, PhD, explores the role of cognition and memory on food intake.

Biology of Overeating

Caroline Davis, PhD, describes the biological predisposition to overeating.

Society & Food

Adam Drewnowski, PhD, presents on socio-economic demographics and eating behavior.

Behavior Change

R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD, discusses interventions to change behavior at the population level.

Monday, 25 January 2016
ILSI North America Scientific Session
What Gets Measured, Gets Changed: How Best to Assess Dietary Intakes & Exposure

Assessment Methods

Caroline Scrafford, PhD, reviews the current state-of-science of dietary exposure assessment.

Intakes & Food Safety

Janet Cade, PhD, looks at future possibilities for food safety risk assessment.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
ILSI North America Scientific Session
Dietary Adverse Effects: Assessing Determinants and Risk

Adverse Health Effects

Joseph Rodericks, PhD, presents an overview of methods for identifying adverse health effects.

Disease Endpoints

Amanda MacFarlane, PhD, considers the use of chronic disease endpoints to set DRIs.


Edward Calabrese, PhD, suggests low-dose exposure may shield against threats.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
One ILSI Scientific Session
Regional Differences in Food Patterns & Health Implications

Food Patterns & Health

Mauro Fisberg, MD, PhD, describes food-health patterns in Latin America.

Asian Diet & Health

Prof. Khor Geok presents on diet-related NCDs and dietary patterns and health in east Asia.

US Dietary Patterns

Regan Bailey, PhD, gives the US perspective on dietary patterns and health.