AACCI, ILSI Research Foundation, and Sustainability

AACC International has organized a special symposium on how new plant breeding technologies may help improve the sustainability of our food systems.
The symposium focuses on biotechnology, but speakers will also discuss the potential for other, newer technologies to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain.

The issues of risk assessment and risk management are underlying themes of the symposium. Andrew Roberts, PhD, of the ILSI Research Foundation will give the talk “Safety Across All Plant Breeding Technologies” in which he will go beyond the safety of traditional biotechnology to look at such techniques as cisgenics and gene editing and place these in the context of existing food safety systems.

The ILSI Research Foundation’s support of the AACCI symposium – speaker travel and Dr. Andrew’s expertise and time – reflect the foundation’s commitment to food and feed safety and to finding solutions for sustainable nutrition security in the face of climate change and server weather events.

If you are already attending the 2016 AACCI Annual Meeting, this special symposium is included your registration fee. AACCI is also offering registration to the symposium as a one-day, stand-alone event.

Complete program details and registration links: AACCI – The Future of Food

For more on ILSI Research Foundation’s programs, visit:

Safety Assessment of Food and Feed

Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition Security


ILSI News | September 2016
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