ILSI’s article in Today’s Dietitian

Today's Dietitian magazine publishes ILSI’s article on nutritious, sustainable diets for healthy aging

30 November, 2023

Healthy aging has been an important issue for the ILSI community, especially over the past few years. In fact, Today's Dietitian magazine recently published an article from ILSI on helping older adults thrive with nutritious, sustainable diets. Co-authored by two ILSI leaders, Stéphane Vidry, PhD, Global Executive Director of ILSI, as well as Nobuharu Tsujimoto, MSc, the former Executive Director of ILSI Japan, this article draws upon scholarly, peer-reviewed research addressing nutritional interventions for seniors.

The authors highlight that, “as individuals age, they become more susceptible to diseases and conditions.” However, nutritious, sustainable diets – including those that are local, seasonal, balanced and that contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients – can “support healthy aging through greater cognition, strengthened immune systems, and improved physical health and mobility.”

Supporting the health of older adults is an incredibly important topic, especially as populations are aging around the globe. The authors write that it's estimated that “the U.S. was home to 2.4 million people over the age of 90 in 2021,” and “there are more than 90,500 people over the age of 100 in Japan.” ILSI's co-authors contend that greater international scientific cooperation can provide more inclusive, accessible and sustainable diets for seniors.

ILSI's latest article is available as an exclusive, online piece from Today's Dietitian magazine. We encourage you to read this piece and share it with your colleagues and professional networks! Only by working together and "establishing strategic public-private partnerships [can we] advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals focused on improving health and well-being."