Global ILSI Federation Launches New Research Program in the U.S. and Canada

Global ILSI Federation Launches New Research Program in the U.S. and Canada

June 7, 2022

ILSI has launched a new research program in the U.S. and Canada, which will address the nutrition, food safety and sustainability issues most important to supporting public health. Spearheaded by an all-new staff, an unparalleled research portfolio, as well as re-envisioned governance and funding models, the ILSI U.S. and Canada Research Program will aim to advance clear-sighted, impactful scientific research to benefit the health and well-being of everyone for generations to come.

As a global nonprofit federation of entities, ILSI convenes scientists at the forefront of research in the public, academic and private sectors. For more than 40 years, ILSI’s scientific activities have spread to most parts of the world. ILSI will continue its work by extending its reach to include addressing global research needs in the U.S. and Canada.

ILSI’s new research program will offer a multi-sector platform and network for advancing scientific research on nutrition, food safety and sustainability that is regionally relevant and globally significant. Initially, the ILSI U.S. and Canada’s proposed research portfolio includes:

Nutrition-Focused Research Projects

  • Applications of Globally Harmonized Nutrients
  • Bioactives and Functional Foods
  • The Multiple Faces of Personalized/Precision Nutrition
  • Healthy Aging, Geriatrics and Sarcopenia
  • Open Data Sharing for Clinical Food and Nutrition Trials

Food Safety-Focused Research Projects

  • Risk Assessment of Cell-Based Cultivated Food Products
  • Food Safety at the Interface Between Food, Water, Agriculture and the Environment: Where the Action Takes Place

Sustainability-Focused Research Projects

  • The Impact of Climate Change on Food Safety, Sustainability, Security and Nutrition
  • Understanding the Relationship Between Soil Health and Human Health

In addition to this unique research portfolio, the ILSI U.S. and Canada Research Program will use an innovative funding model, which features no membership fees to join, and provides a compelling return on investment for researchers across the academic, public and private sectors. Not charging private sector companies an overall membership fee supports various budgets—like those in small businesses and startups—for companies that want to participate in important research projects on nutrition, food safety and sustainability issues.

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