An Energizing Success

More than 1,000 people attended ILSI sessions and visited the ILSI booth at the International Congress of Nutrition.

Over 4,000 nutrition and food scientists and students attended the 21st ICN, held 15 – 20 October in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ILSI, its branches, and the ILSI Research Foundation brought together 28 speakers from Asia, Europe, and the Americas at seven ILSI-supported ICN sessions devoted to science underlying health issues relevant to people around the world. We want to thank these experts, some of whom traveled more than 30 hours to get to Buenos Aires, for their making these sessions a success.

Session rooms were full; standing-room-only in many cases.

Speaker presentations are online now and video of presentations will be posted soon. Watch for an announcement to come.

Links to presentations:

ILSI and Nutrition Reviews also co-hosted an exhibit booth where meeting attendees could discuss ILSI with staff in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Almost 200 hundred people signed up for more information about the organization and the journal.

The 22nd ICN is scheduled for 14 – 19 September 2021 in Tokyo, Japan. Information is already online at: ICN2021. 

Perhaps we will see you there?

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