Links to annual and activity reports from throughout the ILSI network keep you up-to-date.

ILSI Annual Report 2016

ILSI Argentina 2016 Summary of Activities (English version)
Resumen de actividades 2016 ILSI Argentina (Spanish version)

ILSI Brasil Annual Report 2016 (in Portuguese)
ILSI Brasil 2016 Overview of Task Forces (in Portuguese)

ILSI Europe 2017 Activity Document (A comprehensive document describing ILSI Europe’s organization, recent activities, and upcoming plans)
ILSI Europe Scientific Portfolio: An Integrated Overview of ILSI Europe’s Scientific Activities

ILSI HESI 2015 – 2016 Activities Report

ILSI Mesoamerica Reporte Anual 2016 (in Spanish)

ILSI North America Annual Report

ILSI Nor-Andino Annual Report 2016 (English version)
Reporte Anual de Actividades ILSI Nor-Andino 2016 (Spanish version)

ILSI Research Foundation Annual Report

ILSI News | February 2017
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