ILSI Argentina Nutrition, Health and Well-Being area work foucuses on four topics: Early Nutrition, Energy Balance, Health Aging and Obesity. Each WG has been working on different research projects and conferences

Workshop with experts on Visual Guides of local beverages and Foods to be used in Research intake surveys. Local New tool developed by ILSI Argentina.

ILSI Argentina developed this Visual Guide to be used in ELANS research project to assess food intake. The goal of this workshop was to discuss ideas and consider possible modifications for the guide. The feedback of the experts was important to improve this tool developed by ILSI Argentina and in a near future, share the tool with other researchers. It can be use both for research and also for clinical practice by medical doctors and dietitians.

Workshop on National Food Composition Database.taller

The WG on Energy Balance called experts from public and private sector to assess the current status of the National Food Composition Database and develop a document to move forward. The final goal of this workshop is share the document (a policy brief) with the government and media to contribute to move forward with this Public Health Priority for Argentina.

To access the Policy Brief

Conference on DHA in life.DHA

This conference was organized by our WG on Early Nutrition.

The presentation is available at: DHA in life – Part I and DHA in life – Part II


Research Projects:salten
  • SALTEN: Comprehensive Study for the prevention of Obesity and NTCD-SALTEN (This acronym can be translated as “Jump” and it stands for Healthy, Active and Free from NTCD, based on the Spanish init.). This research project is in at its final field stage and in the dissemination and publication stage. For more information go to: SALTEN
  • Mini mini saltenSALTEN: After SALTEN, the Nutrition, Health and Well-Being area started this project for Obesity Prevention and healthy family habits on 6 and 7-year-old children and their mothers in Buenos Aires city. For more information go to: Mini SALTEN
  • ELANS: (Latin American Nutrition and Health Study): This research project on food intake and energy expenditure in Latin American Population, in which ILSI Argentina took part as a site, is at the data analysis phase. The research team produced a scientific paper: Standardization of the Food Composition Database Used in the Latin American Nutrition and Health Study (ELANS)