Concise Monographs on Gut Microbiota

The English version of ILSI Europe’s monograph on gut microbiota are now available in Japanese and Portuguese.

ILSI Europe’s Concise Monograph Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota provide readers with a single document compiling both probiotic and prebiotic concepts and an overall understanding of the function of the intestinal microbiota. The monograph also answers to questions on complementary health benefits associated with consumption of prebiotics and probiotics based on the body of available science.

ILSI Brasil and ILSI Japan have made this monograph available in Portuguese and Japanese translations respectively.

Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota (English)

Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota (Portuguese)

Probiotics, Prebiotics and the Gut Microbiota (Japanese, on request:

ILSI Brasil has published the monograph Microbioma Intestinal no Início da Vida (Intestinal Microbiome in the Early Stages of Life) explores the complex microbiome ecosystem during gestation and early life, its influence on health, and how diet can affect it.

This publication is available in Portuguese: Microbioma Intestinal