ILSI at ICN: Friday, 20 October, 08:00 – 10:00

Understanding Dietary Patterns: A Step toward Devising a Global Nutrition Strategy

This session was sponsored by ILSI, the ILSI Research Foundation, and ILSI branches worldwide.

One size does not fit all. However, around the global, poor diet and nutritional status are linked to negative health outcomes: diabetes; obesity and its comorbidities; some cancers; etc. National and regional governments and world health bodies strive to provide scientifically accurate, clearly communicated, and easily adopted nutrition guidance that helps people choose healthy diets. In this session, presenters helped us understand what we need to know if we are to improve existing strategies or develop new ones for better health guidance. Speakers will explore the biology and culture of food choice; how food systems affect dietary patterns; and the strength of existing methods and data to make accurate dietary pattern comparisons across diverse populations.

Nutrition Guidance in the Age of Globalized Markets

Georgina Gómez, MSc
University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica