Editor-in-Chief Search

ILSI invites applications and nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition Reviews.

Since 1942, Nutrition Reviews has been a trusted source of information for scientists, scholars, and policy makers seeking balanced and critical coverage of the broad range of topics in nutrition. It is the most highly cited monthly review journal in the nutrition and dietetics field.

The incoming editor will guide the journal’s editorial direction and provide sound stewardship. Tenure is anticipated to begin by May 2018. An MD and/or PhD is required.

Candidates should have a strong record of recognized scholarship, a broad base of knowledge, demonstrated leadership and communication skills, a keen interest in emerging areas of science, and appropriate time to devote to the journal. Awareness of the potential clinical implications of covered topics is a critical criterion.

Complete information is available here: Nutrition Reviews Editor Search

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