12th International Food Data Conference

Buenos Aires, Argentina
2017-10-11 – 2017-10-13
Centro Cultural de la Ciencia (C3)

Overview: The aim of the 12th International Food Data Conference (IFDC) to exchange experiences among specialists from around the world and compile food composition data and their applications in the different areas such as nutrition, health, biodiversity, food technology, biotechnology, food policies, food nutrition education, and agriculture programs and policies.

Sessions: The ILSI Research Foundation will be presenting the Catalogue of Food Composition Databases and Tables (CatFCDB), a new resource designed to enable users to explore, analyze and filter food composition databases and tables for countries and regions in a user-friendly format. Learn more about the CatFDDB by clicking here.

Register: For more information on the conference and how to register, please visit the IFDC website.