2012 ILSI Annual Meeting

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
2012-01-20 – 2012-01-25

Blooms_sky_smallILSI and ILSI North America held their 2012 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Posted here are presentations from the scientific sessions, branch meetings, and business meetings.


Friday, 20 January

Understand the Media, But Deliver Your Message
Sylvia Rowe and Nick Alexander, SR Strategies

Sunday, 22 January

ILSI North America Assembly of Members Keynote Speaker
What Did Humans Evolve to Eat
William R. Leonard, PhD, Northwestern University

ILSI Assembly of Members Keynote Speakers
Food Security: The Challenge
Philip Nelson, PhD, Purdue University (emeritus)

Food Processing, Quality Nutrition, Food Safety, and Food Security
George Mensah, MD, FACC, FACN, FESC, PepsiCo

Monday, 23 January

ILSI-India Breakfast Meeting
ILSI-India Activities in 2011

ILSI Focal Point in China Business Meeting
2011 Highlights and Plans for 2012

Carbohydrate Forum
Review of Added Sugars
Marie Latulippe, MS, RD, ILSI North America

Dietary Fiber Definitions and Methods
Julie Jones, PhD, St. Catherine University, St. Paul

ILSI Discussion Forum: Biomarkers Critical to Scientific Progress
Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development (BOND): An Overview
Stephanie Atkinson, PhD, McMasters University

The Marker Initiative in Nutrition Research
Mike Gibney, MAgrSC, PhD, University College Dublin

Collaborative Approaches to Genomic Biomarker Evaluation
Raegan O'Lone, PhD, ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute

Biomarkers: Dynamic "Tools" for Health and Safety Risk Assessment
Kevin Dreher, PhD, Environmental Protection Agency

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Attributable Risk in Microbial Food Safety
Estimating the Number of Foodborne Illnesses and their Sources in the United States
Dana Cole, DMV, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Presentation Unavailable

Attributing Illness to Food Using Data from Outbreaks and Experts
Michael Batz, University of Florida

Source Attribution to Human Foodborne Illness Using (Molecular) Micobial Subtyping in Europe
Wilfrid van Pelt, PhD, National Institute for Public Health and Environment (The Netherlands)

Recent European Outbreaks: Lessons Learned
Andrea Ammon, PhD, European Center for Disease Control and Prevention

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Standards of Evidence - Lost in Translation
IOM Standards on Systematic Reviews
Christopher Schmid, PhD, Tufts University

European Perspectives on Evidence Reviews for Health Claims
Albert Flynn, PhD, University College Cork and European Food Safety Authority

Using Bayesian Methods to Separate Evidential Wheat from Chaff
Robert Matthews, PhD, Aston University

Standards of Evidence in Development of Health Policy
Sarah Roller, JD, RD, MPH, Kelley, Drye, & Warren LLP

Detecting and Minimizing Biases in the Evidence Base: Steps to Move Forward
David Allison, PhD, University of Alabama at Birmingham

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Barriers to Progress with Obesity Prevention
The Calculus of Calories: What Mathematical Modeling Can Teach Us about Obesity
Kevin Hall, PhD, National Institutes of Health

Tuesday, 24 January

ILSI Japan Breakfast Meeting
Overview and Recent Activities
Physical Activity and Nutrition (PAN) Program
Project SWAN
Project IDEA

ILSI Latin American Branches Meeting
ILSI Brasil
ILSI Argentina
ILSI Mexico
ILSI North Andean
ILSI South Andean

ILSI North America Scientific Session: Human Gut Microbiome
Overview: Update on NIH Human Microbiome Project
Lita Proctor, PhD, National Institutes of Health

Microbiata and Human Health: Lessons Learned
Fergus Shanahan, MD, University College Cork
Presentation Unavailable

Enterotypes of the Human Gut Microbiome
Jeroen Raes, PhD, Flemish Institute for Biotechnology and University of Brussels

The Study of the Human Microbiome
Karen Nelson, PhD, The J. Craig Venter Institute

ILSI Research Foundation RSIA Session: Solutions for Achieving Sustainable Water Reuse
ILSI Research Foundation: Guidance for Safe Water Reuse in Bottling
Joseph Cotruvo, PhD, Joseph Cotruvo & Associates LLC

Water Sustainability with Overall Sustainability Interests at HESI
Jennifer Young, PhD, ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute

ILSI Europe Global Initiative on Water and Sanitation Perspectives
Pratima Jasti, PhD, ILSI Europe

Solutions for Achieving Sustainable Water Reuse
Alessandro Chiodini, PhD, ILSI Europe

Introduction to Scientific Panel Discussion
Geoff Thompson, PhD, Danone

Water Scarcity or Safe Water Limitations
John Fawell (independent consultant)

Water Sustainability in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Liese Dallbauman, PhD, PepsiCo

Perception Issues for Water Reuse - And How to Overcome Them
Linda MacPherson, New Water Resources (USA)
Presentations Unavailable

The Economics of Water Sustainability
Chuck Gerba, PhD, University of Arizona

ILSI IFBiC and RSIA Joint Session: The Consequences of Unexamined Fear as a Driver of Public Health Protection
Risk of Risk Perception Framework
Richard Canady, PhD, ILSI Research Foundation

Lost Opportunities in Plant Biotechnology
Gerard Barry, PhD, International Rice Research Institute

Processed Foods and Health
Fergus Clydesdale, PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Presentation Unavailable

The Health Consequences of Unchecked Precaution: A Regulator's Perspective
Andrew Bartholomaeus, PhD, Foods Agency Australia New Zealand

Needs for Better Understanding on Risk Perception in Developing Countries
Aman Wirakartakusumah, Institute Pertanian Bogor


The ILSI Poster Session at Annual Meeting gives entities from throughout the ILSI network the opportunity to highlight recent activities and future plans. Posters will be added as they become available.