2013 ILSI Annual Meeting

Miami, Florida, USA
2013-01-18 – 2013-01-23
InterContinental Miami

The 2013 ILSI Annual Meeting was a successful event. Almost 400 participants representing more than 20 countries participated in a rewarding combination of business and scientific meetings. Program speakers offered new perspectives on health issues of common concern or interest.

Did you miss the meeting or any of the sessions? PDFs of the presentations are available on this page. Video links are also provided for YouTube videos of the presentations.

Full Schedule of Events

The full schedule of events is available here.


Sunday, 20 January

Keynote Speakers

ILSI North America Assembly of Members and FNSP Meeting
A Vanishing Monopoly? the Changing Role of the Media Reporting About Science
Ivan Oransky, MD, Thomson Reuters
PDF | Video

ILSI Assembly of Members
Decision Making on Food Additives - The Appropriate Role for Public-Private Partnerships
Erik Olson, The Pew Charitable Trusts (USA)
PDF | Video

The European Union Food Safety System: Principles, Procedures, Organization and Scientific Basis
Prof Vittoria Silano, University of Rome II (Italy)
PDF |  Video

Monday, 21 January

ILSI Discussion Forum - Biomarkers: Are We Making Progress?
US Perspectives on the Challenge of Validating Biomarkers for Use in Food-related Health Claims
Paula Trumbo, PhD, US Food and Drug Administration (USA)

European Perspective on the Challenge of Validating Biomrkers for Use in Food-related Health Claims
Albert Flynn, BSc, PhD, University College Cork (Ireland)

Approaches Used for Validating Biomarkers in Drug Discovery/Claims
Jan Willem van der Laan, PhD, Medicines Evaluation Board (The Netherlands)

Can We Design Biomarkers of Health that Are Applicable in Nutrition Research?
Ben van Ommen, PhD, TNO (The Netherlands)

ILSI Marker Initiative: What Makes a Marker a Marker?
Loek Pijls, PhD, Nestlé Research Center (Switzerland)

ILSI North America Scientific Session - Mind and Body: Understanding the Connection between Neurobiology and Behavior
Neural Systems Involved in Food Intake: An Integrated Overview
Stephen Woods, PhD, University of Cincinnati (USA)
PDF | Video

Food Choices and Eating Patterns
Paul Breslin, PhD, Rutgers University, New Brunswick and Monell Chemical Senses Center (USA)
PDF | Video

Food "Addiction" - Translation Studies of the Fine Line between Food Reward and Addiction
Nicole Avena, PhD, University of Florida, Gainesville and Princeton University (USA)
PDF | Video

The Influence of Food on Brain Health
(Presentation not available)
Fernando Gómez-Pinilla, PhD, University of California Los Angeles (USA)

ILSI North America Scientific Session - Food: Balancing Risk and Benefit
Risk Benefit Analysis of Food
Richard Williams, PhD, George Mason University Mercatus Center (USA)
PDF | Video

Risk Benefit for Chemical Contaminants
(Presentation not available.)
Robert Buchanan, PhD, University of Maryland (USA)

A Risk Benefit Approach to Assess Nutrient Intake - Do We Need a New DRI
Alicia Carriquiry, PhD, Iowa State University (USA)
PDF | Video

Communicating Food Benefits and Risks
Baruch Fischhoff, PhD, Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
PDF | Video

ILSI Research Foundation Scientific Session - Developing Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors in Young Children
Development of Food Preferences in Children: Genes and the Environment
Kathleen Keller, PhD, The Pennsylvania State University (USA)
PDF | Video

Understanding the Role of Parenting on the Eating Behavior of Young Children in Low-Income Households in the US
Thomas Power, PhD, Washington State University (USA)

Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors of Young Children in Europe - The IDEFICS Study
(Presentation not available.)
Wolfgang Ahrens, PhD, University of Bremen (Germany)

Healthy Active Living in the Early Years (Ages 0-4 Years)
Mark Tremblay, PhD, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute (Canada)

Tuesday, 22 January

ILSI North America Scientific Session - Looking at Health Consequences of Physical Inactivity
The Biggest Public Health Problem of the 21st Century: Not Enough Physical Activity
Steven Blair, PED, University of South Carolina (USA)
PDF | Video

Physical Inactivity: Effects on Healthy Aging, Chronic Disease
Marc Hamilton, PhD, Pennington Biomedical Research Center (USA)
PDF | Video

Physical Inactivity: Impact on Appetite Regulation
(Presentation not available)
John Blundell, PhD, University of Leeds (United Kingdom)

What Can You Do to Stop Your Chair from Killing You?
James Levine, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale (USA)
PDF | Video

ILSI International Food Biotechnology Committee Scientific Session - Improving Food: Plant Development for Better Food
The Science of Crop Development: "Conventional" and Biotechnology Methods
Wayne Parrott, PhD, University of Georgia (USA)
PDF | Video

Food Safety Assessment of Crops; Perception versus Reality: Lessons Learned from the Past to Inform the Present and the Future
Andrew Bartholomaeus, PhD, University of Canberra (Australia)
PDF | Video

Nutritional Improvements of Food Crops
Gerard Barry, PhD, International Rice Research Institute (The Philippines)
PDF | Video

Tackling the Acrylamide Problem in Potato
Jiming Jiang, PhD, University of Wisconsin (USA)
PDF | Video

ILSI Discussion: Food Allergy - A Global Overview (Organized by ILSI Europe)
From Thresholds to Action Levels
Athanasia Baka, ILSI Europe (Belgium)

ILSI North America Food Allergen Threshold Update
Craig Llewellyn, PhD, The Coca-Cola Company (USA)

Food Allergen Labeling Regulation in Japan
Hiroaki Hamano, ILSI Japan (Japan)

Update on regulatory issues regarding food allergy in Brasil and Mercosur: ILSI Brasil's Plans
(Presentation coming soon!)
Georgia Fernando, PhD, Mondelēz International (Brazil)

Allergenicity Safety Assessments (HESI)
Laura Privalle, PhD, BASF (USA)