2015 ILSI Annual Meeting

Chandler, Arizona, USA
2015-01-16 – 2015-01-21
Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort

Four Peaks outside of Phoenix, Arizona

Scientists from around the globe attend the ILSI Annual Meeting to discuss the latest science related to a variety of topics important to human and environmental health. Member representatives, trustees and science advisors, and staff also come together to outline how ILSI can help move pure research into practical programs, interventions, and technologies that improve health, safety, and well-being.


Sunday 18 January

ILSI Assembly of Members
The Science of Science Communication
Keynote Speaker: Dominique Brossard, PhD
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ILSI North America AOM & FNSP Business Meeting
You Eat What You Are: Flavor Perception and Food Choice
Keynote Speaker: Gary Beauchamp, PhD

Monday, 19 January

Malaspina International Scholars Breakfast
Further details are available below.

ILSI North America Scientific Session
"Global Challenges and Solutions for Sustainability"
Toward a Sustainable Food Supply: Myths and Realities
Jack Bobo, JD, MS, US Department of State, USA
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Different Approaches to Sustainability
Fergus Clydesdale, PhD, University of Massachusetts, USA

Global Challenge and Solutions for Food and Nutrition Sustainability
Barbara Schneeman, PhD, University of California, Davis, USA

Practical Approaches to Address Sustainable Nutrition
Anne Roulin, PhD, Nestlé, Switzerland
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Investing for Sustainability: How deforestation in the supply chain affects businesses and their shareholders
Lucia von Reuser, Green Century Capital Management, Inc., USA
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The Future of Food and Nutrition Sustainability
Richard Waite, MA, World Resources Institute, USA
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ILSI North America Scientific Session: "I Am the Microbiome - It's the Microbio + Me"
Human Microbiome Research: Past, Present and Future
Cindy Davis, PhD, National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements, USA
PDF | Video

Defining a Healthy Microbiome
Phil Sherman, MD, FRCP(C), FAAP, The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
PDF | Video

The Human Microbiome: The Interface of Health and Disease
Rodney Dietert, PhD, Cornell University, USA
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Regulatory Challenge for Microbiome Claims
Barbara Schneeman, PhD, University of California, Davis, USA
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Tuesday, 20 January

ILSI North America Scientific Session
"Caffeine - Friend or Foe?"
Caffeine: An Overview
Harris Lieberman, PhD, US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, USA
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Behavioral Effects of Caffeine: An Update
Andrew Smith, PhD, University of Cardiff, UK
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Reproductive Health Effects of Caffeine: An Overview of Epidemiologic Evidence
Jennifer Peck, PhD, University of Oklahoma, USA
PDF | Video

Cardiovascular Effects of Caffeine: Role of Individual Genetic Variation
Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD, University of Toronto, Canada
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Concluding Panel Discussion
James Coughlin, PhD, CFS, Coughlin & Associates, USA
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ILSI Session organized by ILSI Europe: "Hazards and Risks: The Exposure Revolution"
(Videos of the presentations are not available for this session.)
Setting the Scene
Diána Bánáti, PhD, ILSI Europe, Belgium

Hazard or Risk Based Approach?
Alan Boobis, OBE, PhD, Imperial College London, UK

Dietary Exposure Assessment of Aluminum-containing Food Additives in Chinese Population
Junshi Chen, PhD, ILSI Focal Point in China, China

The Need to Base Decisions on Exposure: The Example of Emerging Technologies
Richard Canady, PhD, Independent Researcher, USA

Scientific Balance between Hazard and Risk: The Application of TTC in Food Safety
Richard Lane, PhD, PepsiCo, Inc., USA

A 21st Century Roadmap for Human Health Risk Assessment, More Hazard or More Risk
Alan Boobis, OBE, PhD, Imperial College London, UK

Hazard vs. Risk Approaches in India and Regulatory Implications
PK Seth, PhD, Biotech Park, India

Food Safety Surveillance and Monitoring System
Ki Hwan Park, PhD, Chung-Ang University, Korea

Hazards vs. Risk Approaches in Southeast Asia Region and Regulatory Implications
Keng Ngee Toeh, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, Singapore

One ILSI Discussion organized by ILSI Europe: "The Aging Brain"
(Videos of the presenations are not available for this session.)
Stéphane Vidry, PhD, ILSI Europe, Belgium

Defining Healthy Aging: from Science to Practice: What is the Link to Diet and Nutrition
Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD, Tufts University, USA

Nutrition for the Aging Brain
Sophie Kergoat, PhD, Wrigley (Mars Incorporated), USA

Minerals for the Aging Brain
Silvia Cozzolino, PhD, São Paulo University, Brazil

Energy Regulation, Dietary Patterns and Brain Health in the Taiwanese Population
Meei-Shyuan Lee, PhD, RD, MPH, National Defense Medical Center, Taiwan

Assessment of Cognitive Function in Southeast Asia: the Problem of Cultural Diversity
Sofia Amarra, PhD, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, Singapore

Global Future Directions in Brain Aging Research
Wenhua Zhao, MD, PhD, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China

Branch Meetings

ILSI is a dynamic network of 16 regional, or country specific branches, the ILSI Research Foundation, and the ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute. These entities work together to provide a flexible mechanism for identifying emerging issues, fostering a harmonized use of science, and building scientific capacity at the local level.

Branch Meetings

Once a year at annual meeting, staff from around the globe come together to share updates and discuss future activities. PDFs of their presentations are available below.

ILSI Asia Branches Regional Meeting

ILSI Focal Point in China Business Meeting
2014 Highlights and 2015 Plans
Junshi Chen, PhD

ILSI-India and ILSI South Africa Breakfast Meeting
Rekha Sinha

ILSI South Africa
Lucia Anelich, PhD

ILSI Latin America Branches Regional Meeting
ILSI Argentina
Clara Rubenstein, PhD

ILSI Brasil
Mariela Weingarten Berezovsky

ILSI Mesoamerica
Hannia León León, PhD

ILSI North Andean
Olga Lucía Mora

ILSI South Andean
Viviana Aranda

Food Safetynets in Latin America
Prof. Elizabeth Nascimento, University of São Paulo

Opportunities for Collaborative Projects in Latin America
Javier Castellanos

Poster Session

ILSI Research Foundation staff and Board members at the 2015 Annual Meeting poster session.
ILSI Research Foundation staff and Board members at the 2015 Annual Meeting poster session.


ILSI Research Foundation

Back row, left to right: C. Allred; S. Muslimutan; K. Varady; A. de Souza Sant’Ana; Z. Šatalić. Front row, left to right: B. Aeri; A. Malaspina; Yukiko Nakanishi. Not shown: M. Armeno, B. Mintah

Alex Malaspina International Scholars
Travel Awards

Bani Tamber Aeri, PhD
University of Delhi, India

Clinton Allred, PhD
Texas A&M University,  USA

Marisa Armeno, PhD
National Pediatic Hospital JP Garrahan, Argentina

Anderson de Souza Sant'Ana, PhD
University of Campinas, Brazil

Graham Finlayson, PhD
University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Benjamin Kumah Mintah*
University of Ghana, Ghana
*Mr. Mintah was unable to attend the 2015 ILSI Annual Meeting in Arizona.

Siti Muslimatun, PhD
Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Indonesia

Yukiko Nakanishi, PhD
University of Human Arts and Sciences, Japan

Zvonimir Šatalić, PhD (presentation made without slides)
University of Zagreb, Croatia

Krista Varady, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA