Future Foods Symposium on Alternate Proteins

Future Foods Symposium on Alternate Proteins
Washington, DC, USA
2:00pm – 5:30pm

This symposium will identify opportunities and challenges in alternative proteins, examined through the lenses of nutrition and food safety.

Symposium Talks Will Include:

  • Global Overview on Future Foods: Current & Emerging Technologies in Protein Science Impacting the Food Supply
  • Indicators and Potential for New Technologies to have a Beneficial Impact on Agricultural Systems
  • Consumer Beliefs towards Alternate Protein Sources: Factors Impacting Choice of New Foods
  • The Impact of Public Perceptions on the Acceptance of New Technologies Enabling Future Foods
  • Alternate Protein Sources for Future Foods: Nutrition Challenges & Opportunities
  • Food Safety Considerations for Alternative Protein Sources for Future Foods

Watch presentation videos from this event.