Global Food Security Symposium 2015: Healthy Food for a Healthy World: Leveraging Agriculture and Food to Improve Global Nutrition

Washington, DC , USA

Overview: While global hunger has decreased, many people worldwide lack access to healthy and affordable food: two billion people are deficient in key micronutrients and more than 1.4 billion are overweight, putting them at higher risk for chronic diseases. In spite of the scientifically proven link between nutrition and health, the connections between food producers and health communities remain limited.

Program: The Global Food Security Symposium 2015 explored how the agriculture and food sectors can better collaborate with the health community to increase production and consumption of nutritious foods. The Symposium also served as the platform for the release of a new Chicago Council study which will outline policy recommendations and business models for leveraging the global food system to improve health.

For more information, please visit the symposium website.