Science Serving Society

ILSI Scientific Session 2018
Southampton, Bermuda
8:00am – 12:00pm
Fairmont Southampton Hotel

At the 2018 ILSI Annual Meeting, a special session is being organized on Science Serving Society. The purpose of this session is to highlight specific programs that clearly demonstrate ILSI´s significant contributions to the theme, with an emphasis on multi-year, multi-partner programs with demonstrable impact.



Cristiana Corrêa, PhD

Planitox and Brazilian Institute of Toxicology

mauro elans meio corpo

Mauro Fisberg, PhD

Federal University of São Paulo and PENSI Institute, Brazil


Georgina Gómez, MSc

University of Costa Rica


Mitsuru Katase, PhD

Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.


Tobias Recker, PhD

ILSI Europe


Andrew Roberts, PhD

ILSI Research Foundation


Jessie Usaga, PhD

University of Costa Rica

Carmela Velázquez

Carmela Velazquez

University of Costa Rica


8:00 a.m. Development of a Rapid Identification Method for Food Bacteria and Molds: MALDI-TOF MS Project
Dr. Mitsuru Katase, Fuji Oil Co., Ltd., Osaka, Japan

8:30 a.m. Evaluation of the Acute and Chronic Food Consumption by the Brazilian Population through the Family Budget Survey (POF 2008-2009 – IBGE) to Assess Pesticide Dietary Exposure
Dr. Cristiana Corrêa, Planitox and Brazilian Institute of Toxicology (IBTox), Brazil

9:00 a.m. Validation of Safety Control Measures and Pathogen Reduction Steps for the Safe Production of Traditional Artisanal Dairy Products from the Mesoamerican Region
Dr. Jessie Usaga, University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

9:30 a.m. BREAK

10:00 a.m. Microbiota – The Gut-Brain Axis
Dr. Tobias Recker, ILSI Europe, Belgium

10:30 a.m. Latin American Health and Nutrition Study – Part II
Dr. Mauro Fisberg, Federal University of São Paulo and PENSI Institute, Brazil and Ms. Georgina Gómez, University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

11:00 a.m. Gene Drive Technology for Malaria Control
Dr. Andrew Roberts, ILSI Research Foundation, USA

11:30 a.m. Panel Discussion
Chaired by Professor Carmela Velazquez, University of Costa Rica

12:00 p.m. Adjourn


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