New article on human milk banks and food safety

Food Safety Magazine published a new article from Nutrition Reviews co-authors

2 May, 2023

Human milk stored in bags for a human milk bank.In March, ILSI's independent, peer-reviewed journal, Nutrition Reviews, published a research supplement on human milk donation and banking. Co-authors of this supplement, Dr. Guido E. Moro and Dr. Claudio Profeti, contributed a newly published article to Food Safety Magazine highlighting recommendations for addressing food safety concerns in human milk banks, specifically.

For instance, the authors state that "to ensure safe operation of a human milk bank (HMB), a well-designed safety assurance plan should be put in place. [...] HMBs implement procedures that allow for the management and sanitization of donor milk without significantly altering the nutritional and biologically protective components of human milk, obtaining a product characterized by a balance between safety and biological quality."

The full article is available online and in Food Safety Magazine's eDigest. The full, open access research supplement is available via Nutrition Reviews.

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