Gut Microbiota in Young Children

Government, industry, and academia debate the microbiome in young children in China.

Workshop on Gut Microbiome in Young Children
10 October 2016
Beijing, China

ILSI Focal Point in China and the National Institute for Nutrition and Health of the Center for Disease Control China (CDC) co-organized a workshop exploring the role of gut microbiota in newborns and early stages of life. Experts from government agencies, universities, and food manufacturers discussed how the gut microbiota influence health; the role of breast milk and infant formula in promoting a healthy microbiome; possible differences in effect between natural and cesarean births on microbiota colonization in infants; and the potential value of pre and probiotics on long term health.

The program featured diverse speakers from China, Europe, and North America. In addition to those from CDC and other divisions of the Ministry of Health, representatives from The General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army; Baylor University; Danone; Dupont Nutrition & Health; and Nestle presented the latest science on the microbiome.

A complete summary of the workshop is on the ILSI Focal Point in China website. Please note this is in Chinese: Microbiome in Young Children (Chinese website)

A summary in English from ILSI Focal Point in China’s newsletter is available: Microbiome in Young Children (English PDF)

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