Healthy Aging – What Can We Learn from Geography and Culture?

Sofia Amarra, PhD, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, is spearheads a One ILSI project to identify factors across geography contributing to healthy aging and to create an aging profile among countries. Dr. Amarra is coordinating the work of in-country principle investigators identified by the participating ILSI entities. Investigators are are examining the best evidence available regarding demographic and other characteristics contributing to healthy vs. pathological aging. Several peer-reviewed publications will result from this work.

This topic was originally identified for a potential One ILSI project in 2013. ILSI entities worked together to hone focus and design protocols in order to ensure data is comparable among the country-specific studies. The following branches are supporting work in 10 countries: ILSI Argentina; ILSI-India; ILSI Korea; ILSI Mesoamerica; Southeast Asia Region; and ILSI Taiwan.

Dr. Amarra gave an update to the program in January 2017. Her presentation is available here: Healthy Aging Update and Next Steps

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