ILSI News | June 2017


Volume 35, Number 4

ELANS Researchers Meet in Costa Rica

The Latin American Nutrition and Health Study (ELANS) is a health and nutrition surveillance study…

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HESI 2017 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

This article was originally published in HESI's June Insights.

"This year’s annual meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland. Nearly 100 partners from around the globe attended the event. The Science Forward theme was evident throughout the meeting. The preliminary results of the Science Foresight exercise, exciting new scientific developments in mathematical modeling, large-scale healthcare data analysis, CRISPR technology, and synthetic biology provided compelling looks at hot new arenas.

HESI’s scientific portfolio was featured prominently, with input from many of our expert scientific committee leaders describing completed and pending research. A concluding panel of senior directors from a range of national and international scientific foundations and agencies shared novel insights on the practice of 'Science Without Borders.'

Check our website for presentations and more details!"

Special Issue Explores Influences on Food Intake


Nutrition Reviews has published the new, special issue "Sociological and Behavioral Influences on Food Intake," which explores many of the economic, cultural, and psycho-behavioral factors shaping food choice and dietary patterns.

In a series of articles, experts look at food price and health disparities; food neophobia; social marketing and menu labeling; and other aspects of modern life that shape the meal choices we make and the quality of our diets.

Nutrition Reviews' special issues are freely available online. This special issue is available here: Food Intake

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Recent Publications

Iron Fortification of Rice


Feasibility Study of Iron Fortification of Rice in Sub- Saharan Africa
ILSI Research Foundation

This report shares findings from a desk study completed in support of ILSI Japan’s Center for Health Promotion. This report contains information on the current health situation, rice production and distribution systems, and potential partners in ten countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Available online: Iron Fortification

Re-evaluation of TTC Values

Origin of the TTC values for compounds that are genotoxic and/or carcinogenic and an approach for their re-evaluation
ILSI Europe

Critical Reviews in Toxicology

This article calls for review of and updating of the cancer potency database - used to set original TTC values - to reflect current knowledge. It also outlines a strategy for the selection of appropriate substances for TTC determination, based on consideration of weight of evidence for genotoxicity and carcinogenicity.

This article is open access: TTC

Low-Cal Sweeteners


Research Priorities for Studies Linking Intake of Low Calorie Sweeteners and Potentially Related Health Outcomes
ILSI North America

Current Developments in Nutrition

This article identifies research questions related to body weight, appetite, and dietary intake.

Available online: Sweeteners

You may also be interested in the ILSI North America/ILSI Europe session at ICN2017 "Low-calorie Sweeteners: Update on Health & Safety"


Spice/Herb Quality


Processes to Preserve Spice and Herb Quality and Sensory Integrity During Pathogen Inactivation
ILSI North America

Journal of Food Science

Selected processing methods, demonstrated to be effective at reducing Salmonella, were assessed to determine if spice and herb quality was affected.

This article is open access: Spice/Herb Quality

Upcoming Events



ILSI Research Foundation
Symposium: Gene Drive Modified Organisms and Practical Considerations for Environmental Risk Assessments
19 July 2017
Washington, DC, USA

The ILSI Research Foundation and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have organized this program to explore how to frame and undertake environmental risk assessments of gene drive organisms in a way that will usefully inform decision-making related to their potential release.

The symposium is free, but registration is required: Gene Drive Symposium



ILSI Southeast Asia Region
Regional Symposium on Diabetes – Current Science and Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Prevention & Management
4 -5 October 2017

In 2015, the Asia Pacific region alone accounted for 36.9% of the total number of diabetics in the world. Within this context, this symposium will discuss innovation, emerging science, and multi-stakeholder approaches in the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The program and registration details are online: Diabetes



ILSI at ICN 2017
15 - 20 October 2017

Buenos Aires, Argentina

ILSI, ILSI Research Foundation, and ILSI branches worldwide are sponsoring seven scientific sessions at the 2017 International Congress of Nutrition (ICN). Held every four years, ICN is a premier gathering of nutrition and food scientists, health professionals, and health policy makers.

Speaker information for each session is available online: ICN2017.

Seminar on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition

ILSI Southeast Asia Region
24 July 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

Program and registration details are online: Mother/Child Nutrition

First Meeting of the Central American Network of Applied Research in Childhood and Adolescence in Human Movement, Psychomotricity and Health

ILSI Mesoamerica
26 - 28 July
Heredia, Costa Rica

Program information is available online (in Spanish): REDCIMOVI

Nutritional Therapy in the Control of Post Intensive Care Syndrome

ILSI Brail
8 August 2017
São Paulo, Brasil

Program information in available online (in Portuguese): PICS

Are South African Consumers Moving Towards Healthy Eating?

ILSI South Africa
9 September 2017
Cape Town, South Africa

Follow-up to a successful 2015 event: Healthy Diet

5th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference

ILSI Research Foundation
11 - 13 September 2017
Bangalore, India

Complete information and FAQ: Biosafety

SAVE THE DATES - 2018 ILSI Annual Meeting

ILSI, ILSI Research Foundation, and ILSI Branches
19 - 24 January 2018
Southampton, Bermuda

Watch for more information to come soon: AM2018