ILSI News | March 2017


Volume 35, Number 2

In Memory

John Doull
1922 - 2017

It is with profound sadness we announce the passing of John Doull, MD, PhD, Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics, Kansas University Medical Center on 24 March 2017. Dr. Doull was a pioneering toxicologist who co-authored the seminal text “Casarett and Doull’s Toxicology,” first published in 1975 and updated regularly since then.

Dr. Doull began volunteering his time and expertise to ILSI in 1988 as a science advisor to the ILSI Risk Science Institute. He was a guiding force in ILSI’s prioritization of chemical risk assessment methodologies and a strong proponent of ILSI’s work on thresholds and mechanism-based toxicology.

Dr. Doull was elected to the ILSI Research Foundation Board of Trustees and the ILSI Board of Trustees in 2005. He served as a member of the ILSI Board of Trustees Executive Committee from 2008 – 2012.

Not only was Dr. Doull he an excellent scientist, he was s a gentleman in the best sense of that word – a person with whom you are always delighted to be associated. Contributions in his memory are welcome to The John Doull MD & PHD Symposium in Toxicology Endowment Fund at the KU Endowment Fund Association, PO Box 928, Lawrence, KS 66044.

Thank you, Dr. Doull, for your leadership at ILSI, your innovation in science, and your contribution to the human condition.

David Kritchevsky Career Achievement Award

Congratulations to Connie Weaver!

One ILSI: Global Nutrition Strategy

ILSI’s Global Nutrition Strategy focuses collaborative energy on three objectives.

One ILSI: Food Safety

Cross-geography cooperation underpins the One ILSI Food Safety Initiative.

Thank You for Your Dedication

Beth Brueggemeyer retires after 32 years of service to ILSI.

Recent Publications


Indicadores de Qualidade em Terapia Nutricional Pediátrica

ILSI Brasil Monograph

English Title: Quality Indicators of Pediatric Nutrition Therapy

This publication explores the standardization of indicators of quality of protocols and best practices in nutrition therapy. Please note this publication is in Portuguese: Nutrition Therapy

Manual de Lactários: Lactário nos Estabelecimentos Assistenciais de Saúde e Creches

ILSI Brasil Monograph

English title: Nursing in Nursing and Care Facilities

This manual outlines best practices for health professionals and health institutions for safe infant feeding. This text is in Portuguese: Nursing

Microbioma Intestinal no Início da Vida

ILSI Brasil Monograph

English title: Intestinal Microbiota in Early Life

This publication explores the role of the gut microbiota in infant disease and in chronic disease later in life. This publication is in Portuguese: Microbiota

Improving selection of markers in nutrition research: evaluation of the criteria proposed by the ILSI Europe Marker Validation Initiative

Nutrition Research Reviews

Biomarkers are essential in nutrition research, however, their use is not standardized across the discipline. This publication tests criteria biomarkers should meet and provides a template to evaluate their utility in nutrition research. This publication is available online:

Main text: Biomarkers
Supplemental material: Suppl

An evaluation of the utility of LVdP/dt40, QA interval, LVdP/dtmin and Tau as indicators of drug-induced changes in contractility and lusitropy in dogs


Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods

The goal of the studies described here was to determine whether assessment of alternate measures of cardiac inotropy could detect drug-induced changes in the contractile state of the heart using drugs known to have clinically relevant positive and negative effects on myocardial contractility. Open Access and available here: contractility

Non-Lethal Endotoxin Injection: A Rat Model of Hypercoagulability



This article characterizes a time course model of inflammation and hemostatic activation in rats treated with bacterial endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide, LPS) through a combination of traditional histologic and clinicopathologic endpoints and analyses of novel circulating biomarkers, including microRNA (miRNA) and extracellular vesicle (EV) profiles. Open Access and available here: Hypercoagulability


Crop Health and Its Global Impacts on the Components of Food Security

Food Security

This article attempts to develop a framework to assess impacts of plant diseases, referred collectively to as crop health, on food security. The authors combined different existing definitions of food security in order to develop a framework consisting of the six components. Available online for journal subscribers and for purchase: Crop Health

Upcoming Events

Food Contact Material: Quality, Safety & Control Management


ILSI Taiwan
14 April 2017
Taipei, Taiwan

ILSI Taiwan's Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium Food Contact Materials:Their Quality, Safety and Control Management will feature experts from Asia, Europe, and North America. Presentations will share examples of systems for managing safety and quality with the goal to provide local industry and health and safety officials international context as they develop their own practices and procedures. The program is available in English: FCM

14th International Symposium on the Biosafety of GMOs


ILSI Research Foundation
4 - 8 June 2017
Guadalajara, Mexico

Registration is open for this biennial, international meeting. ILSI Research Foundation staff will be part of the comprehensive program presenting on environmental risk assessment of GMOs, the potential of genetic engineering for insect control, and biotechnology and sustainable food systems. Complete information is available the ILSI Research Foundation website: ISBGMO14


This month's featured number:


the number of registrants expected at Experimental Biology 2017. Check out ILSI North America's five events at this premier meeting: EB2017

ILSI Research Foundation
Save the Date
5th Annual South Asia Biosafety Conference
11 - 13 September 2017
Bangalore, India
More information to come: SABC2017 

Save the Date
Annual Meeting 2018
19 - 24 January 2018
Southampton, Bermuda
More information to come: AM2018