ILSI Newsletter | October 2019

Volume 37, Number 5


ILSI at Asian Congress of Nutrition 2019

4-7 August, ILSI Global, ILSI Southeast Asian Region, ILSI North America, ILSI Japan, ILSI Taiwan and Nutrition Reviews participated in the 2019 Asian Congress of Nutrition. ILSI sponsored four scientific symposium sessions and a plenary paper, as well has hosted an exhibition booth. Symposium session topics included Nutrition in the Workplace, Advancing Physical Activity, Experience in Management of Diabetes Mellitus, and Updates on Nutrition and Cognition. The plenary paper was titled “From Personalized Nutrition to Precision Health.” ILSI presented 5 awards for ILSI Young Scientist Oral Presenters and 5 awards for ILSI Young Scientist Poster Presenters. More information.

New Dietary Intake Data

New Dietary Intake Data

ILSI South Africa

The first-round analysis of data from the ILSI funded Provincial Dietary Intake Study (PDIS) in South Africa was completed this month. In 2016 ILSI South Africa committed funds to collect dietary intake information. This was driven by the fact that only one national dietary survey (the National Food Consumption Survey) was undertaken on children 1-9 years-old 20 years ago. Professor Nelia Steyn, Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town led this study, along with Professor Marjanne Senekal and Professor JH Nel (Stellenbosch University). This study focused on 1-9 years old’s in 2 economically active and urbanized provinces in South Africa. ILSI South Africa plans to communicate results during a November 2019 symposium and abstracts have been submitted to the ICDA 2020 congress.

ILSI Argentina at ATA Congress

Workshop RISK21

ILSI Argentina

18 September, ILSI Argentina took part in the XXI Argentine Toxicological Association (ATA) Congress and organized a training session on the use of the RISK21 webtool for risk assessment. The RISK21 approach, developed by the Health and Environmental Science Institute (HESI), seeks to provide reliable, accurate and simple approaches to manage risk analysis resources. The workshop was organized by ILSI Argentina’s WG on Toxicology and Risk Analysis and conducted by Dr. Eliana Muñarriz (University of Buenos Aires). It was carried out as a pre-congress activity and was attended by 28 professional ATA members who actively participated in the theoretical and practical sessions. Read the ATA Congress Summary.

Practical Guidance to Mitigation of Mycotoxins


ILSI Europe

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds that can naturally grow on foodstuffs like cereals, dried fruits or dairy products. Around 500 million low income people whose diet are dependent mostly on cereals are exposed to them. On 3 September, ILSI Europe’s Process-Related Compounds and Natural Toxins Task Force published a report focusing on well characterized mycotoxins in terms of occurrence and toxicity. This report translates previous task force findings (Karlovsky et al., 2016) into a simplified guidance document that supports food operators and other stakeholders in implementing practical mitigation strategies. More information.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Precision Agriculture and Big Data

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region Australasia Country Committee and the Cereals & Grains Association at the Australian Grain Science Association 2019 Annual Meeting, the Seminar Session on Advances in Precision Agriculture and Big Data for Grain Quality Management took place on 29 August in Melbourne, Australia. The session had discussed and shared about nitrogen fertilization by measuring protein with an on combine NIR analyser; modern trends in digital plant phenotyping for grain research; use of big data to predict wheat quality; and the economics of the quality of wheat for Southeast Asia. More information.

Personalized Nutrition Approaches

Human body with molecules DNA. Medicine, science and technology concept. Illustration.

ILSI North America

Personalized nutrition (PN) approaches have been shown to help drive behavior change and positively influence health outcomes. However, lack of a well-accepted definition for PN and guiding principles for its implementation makes it difficult to establish credibility and efficacy. ILSI North America convened a multidisciplinary panel of scientists to develop a definition and set of guiding principles to establish a basis for responsible, evidence-based personalized nutrition research and practice. This article was published in Advances in Nutrition, 28 August. More information.

ILSI Brazil Awards Young Talent

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ILSI Brazil

28 August, ILSI Brazil and the Brazilian Society for Food and Nutrition (SBAN) held the award ceremony for the winners of the ILSI-SBAN prize during SBAN’s 15th National Congress. The purpose was to acknowledge scientific and technological works in the areas of Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition and Public Health, Experimental Nutrition, and Food Science. ILSI-SBAN 2019 Prize recipients include: Isabela Rosier Olimpio Pereira, Natasha Machado, Lívia de Souza Gonçalves, and Tatiane dos Santos Lopes. More information.

New Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Mug of green tea and teapot on wood table

ILSI North America

A growing body of evidence supports a role for dietary flavonoids in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, the majority of data to date focus on specific food sources such as tea, cocoa, fruits and soy, all of which contain an abundance of bioactive components beyond flavonoids. A systematic review and meta-analysis examines, for the first time, if there is consistent evidence that higher flavan-3-ol intake- irrespective of source- reduces cardiometabolic risk. This research was published in The America Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 26 August. More information.

International Forum on Food Enzymes Management


ILSI Taiwan

25 August, ILSI Taiwan organized an International Forum on Food Enzymes Management. The goal of the forum was to share international experience in food enzyme management, regulatory framework and development. Topics included enzyme uses, food enzyme safety and food enzyme legislation in Japan, US, Canada, EU and Taiwan were presented. It also provides a platform to discuss current road map and future directions in labeling and managing food enzymes and promotes global information exchanges.

Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Stacked Traits and Genome Editing

Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

23 August, ILSI SEA Region and USDA-FAS had organized a closed-door Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Stacked Traits and Genome Editing in collaboration with CropLife Asia and Genetic Modification Advisory Committee, Singapore which was held in Singapore. The meeting shared scientific updates and facilitated stakeholders’ engagement and discussion on the development of GM Crops and new plant breeding techniques. More information.

Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Environmental Risk Assessment

Genome Editing

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

21 August, ILSI Southeast Asia Region and the United States Department for Agriculture – Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS) had organized a closed-door Seminar on Scientific Approaches and Regulatory Development: Environmental Risk Assessment and Genome Editing in collaboration with CropLife Asia and Department of Biosafety, Ministry of Water, Land and Natural Resources, Malaysia which was held in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia. The meeting shared scientific updates and facilitated stakeholders’ engagement and discussion on the development of GM Crops and new plant breeding techniques. More information.

XVIII Colombian Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics.


ILSI North Andean

15-17 August, ILSI North Andean participated in the Scientific Update on Nutrition and Health at the XVIII Colombian Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics, organized by ACODIN (Colombian Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists) in the city of Manizales. ILSI participated with 5 invited speakers and presented the publication "Bioactive Compounds in Functional Foods and Dietary Supplements: Role in Health, Disease Prevention and Regulation in Latin America and the World.” More information.


Establishing What Constitutes a Healthy Gut Microbiome

Bacteria Bacteroides fragilis, one of the major components of normal microbiome of human intestine, 3D illustration

ILSI North America

In December 2018, ILSI North America convened academic, government and industry experts to discuss the state of the science, regulatory considerations and research needs for defining what is a “healthy” gut microbiome. The proceedings from this workshop have been published in The Journal of Nutrition, 2 August. Presentation videos are available on ILSI’s YouTube channel.


Nutrition Reviews



Thanking Associate Editor, Dr. Kristen D’Anci

After over a decade of outstanding service, Dr. D’Anci is retiring from her position as Associate Editor for Nutrition Reviews. Over the years, authors and readers alike have benefited from Dr. D’Anci’s sound editorial judgement and subject-matter expertise. As a core member of the editorial team, Dr. D’Anci worked consistently to uphold the high standards for which the journal is known, and the journal is all the better for her many contributions.


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2020 ILSI Annual Meeting & Science Symposium

17-21 January | San Jose, Costa Rica
Registration and Abstracts are Now Open! View session information and register today. We look forward to seeing you in Costa Rica!

ILSI Europe

Workshop ‘The Potential for Incorporating Data on Occurrence and Consumer Loyalty into Dietary Exposure Models’
14 October | Dublin, Ireland
ILSI Europe’s Dietary Intake and Exposure Task Force is organizing a satellite pre-congress workshop to the FENS Congress. The Workshop aims to establish more realistic models for consumer exposure to additives. More information or email

ILSI Europe

ILSI Europe at FENS – 13th European Nutrition Conference
15-18 October | Dublin, Ireland
ILSI Europe together with 8 of its Food Safety and Nutrition task forces organizes 6 scientific sessions at the 13th European Nutrition Conference. ILSI and ILSI Europe present jointly with a booth space #6 at the exhibition area. More information or email


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Diet, Lifestyle, and Sarcopenia Session
23 October | Taipei, Taiwan
ILSI Taiwan and ILSI Southeast Asia Region will co-organize a scientific session on Diet, Lifestyle and Sarcopenia at the 5th Asian Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Whole Genome Sequencing Conference
Whole Genome Sequencing Conference
31 October | Wellington, New Zealand
This event is organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region Australasia Country Committee and CSIRO. More information.

ILSI Southeast Asia Region

Diverse people

Seminar on Food Fortification in Southeast Asia: Current Challenges, Strategies for the Future

26-27 November| Hanoi, Vietnam
Organized by ILSI Southeast Asia Region and its Vietnam Country Committee and co-organized with the National Institute of Nutrition, Vietnam, the 1.5-day seminar will review the role, effectiveness and strategies of food fortification to ensure effective progress towards reducing or eliminating micro nutrient deficiencies. More information.

ILSI Europe

Mockup food takeaway packaging for cafe and restaurant - cardboard box for coffee, burger, noodles, sandwich, sushi on light white wood table.
7th International Symposium on Food Packaging – Scientific Developments Supporting Safety and Innovation
18-20 November| Barcelona, Spain
The ILSI Europe International Symposia on Food Packaging are held every four years and are internationally recognized as a scientific forum to discuss the science that ensures the safety and quality of food packaging. The 7th symposium will be held in November 2020 emphasizing the innovations in the area of food packaging. More information or email