A Large Presence at ICN 2017

The organizers of the 2017 International Congress of Nutrition have accepted eight session proposals from ILSI and its branches.

The International Congress of Nutrition (ICN) is organized every four years by the International Union of Nutritional Sciences. In 2017, this major nutrition and health event will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 15 - 20 October.

ILSI is very excited to announce all eight session proposals ILSI submitted were accepted by ICN program planning committee. The sessions cover a range of topics important to ILSI's traditional partnership of public and private scientists and researchers, as well as diverse health practitioners.

Session details will be announced as they develop. In the meantime, here is a list of the accepted proposals.

Organized by ILSI North America in Collaboration with Branches throughout the ILSI Network

Advancement of Global Food Composition Databases

Challenges and Opportunities in Reducing Sodium Intakes

Low-Calorie Sweeteners – Update on Health & Safety

Physical Activity and Health: New Knowledge in Research and Technologies

For more information, contact Heather Steele: hsteele@ilsi.org

Organized by ILSI Branches Worldwide and the Research Foundation

Aging Gracefully: Staying Healthy and Well Late into Life

The Human Microbiome: Sharing Our Bodies

Understanding Dietary Patterns: A Step toward Devising a Global Nutrition Strategy

For more information, contact Michael Shirreffs: mshirreffs@ilsi.org

Organized by ILSI Branches in Latin America and the Research Foundation

Challenges to Nutrition Security in Latin America

For more information, contact ILSI Argentina: info@ilsi.org.ar

Visit the ICN website for meeting registration and logistics: ICN 2017


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