Report on Nutrition and Health for All (NAHA)

A large section of population in India  suffers from malnutrition as well as overweight and obesity. A number of steps have been taken by Government and other organizations to improve the nutrition status and deal with related health issues. This Report looks at current nutritional status of the population as indicated by National Surveys including NFHS-5   survey  ,  initiatives taken  by the government to provide nutrition security, and lists   strategies to tackle the problems of malnutrition and other nutrition related issues.

The Report  points out that a number of factors affect the nutrition status including: Diet, Lifestyle and Eating Habits , Bioavailability of Nutrients, Genetic Factors, Environmental issues including Climate Change , Soil Health, and even  Microbiome.

Keywords: Malnutrition, Food Distribution, Dietary Diversification & Healthy Diets,      Nutrition Literacy and Media Campaign, Micronutrient Requirements, Nutrient Absorption, Genetic Factors, Gut Microbiome, Lifestyle and Physical Activity