Report on Bioactives and Functional Foods – Safety, Benefits and Challenges

Most of the bioactive compounds have antioxidant, anti- carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial properties. Bioactive compounds are being studied intensively for their protective effects on health including Cardiovascular Health, Diabetes, Cancer and Inflammation. Globally many studies are being conducted to isolate the Bioactive Compounds, study the mode of action and health effects and build a data base using the modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

 ILSI India seminar on “Bioactives and functional Foods – Safety Benefits and Challenges”  mainly discussed Basic Principles for Assessment of  Bioactive Molecules – Mechanisms of Action, Efficacy, Safety , Interaction and Evidences, Bioactive Molecules from Traditional Indian Products, Production and Characterization of Novel Biofunctional Peptides derived from Fermented Milks using Potential Lactic Cultures (in silico & in vitro study) and Regulating the Use of Bioactive Substances –National and International Approaches. It also discussed Challenges and Research Needs , Claims, Use of Bioactive Molecules, Identification of Biomarkers, and Novel Alternatives for Treatment and Prevention of Diseases.

Keywords: Bioactives, Peptides, Traditional Indian Products, Safety, Claims

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