ILSI Newsletter | March 2020

Volume 38, Number 1

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The 2020 ILSI Annual Meeting & Science Symposium took place 17-21 January in San Jose, Costa Rica. Thank you to all attendees, moderators, presenters, and our planning committee for helping make the event a great success.

Management Team

ILSI Management Team and Staff Meeting

ILSI Executive Directors and staff in attendance met for a one day meeting to discuss governance changes, organizational goals, and updates from Global staff. There were several breakouts designed to discuss topics in small groups and then present out to the group for a more collaborative discussion.

ILSI Stakeholders Gathering

The meeting opened with remarks from the ILSI Board of Trustees Co-Chairs, Michael Doyle, PhD, University of Georgia and Kerr Dow, PhD,
Cargill. A science session entitled "Who is an Expert, Who Gets to Decide?" set the tone for important discussions throughout the meeting. The session also included presentations from the MIST Award Recipients. More information about the MIST scholars can be found below and on our website.

Who Is an Expert, Who Gets to Decide?


The session took place during the ILSI Stakeholders Gathering. The session focused on defining the issues, policy processes in North America, the expertise of policy panels, and the role of public-private partnerships.

Chair: Sylvia Rowe, SR Strategy

Speakers: Sylvia Rowe, SR Strategy; Ann Yaktine, Director of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Connie Weaver, PhD, Purdue University Distinguished Professor Emerita; and Alan Boobis, OBE, Professor, Imperial College London

Smart Consumer Protection and Increasing Consumer Trust

The session discussed food authenticity, use of blockchain to improve traceability and food safety, and avoidance and mitigation of pathogens in food.

Co-Chairs: Mario G. Ferruzzi, PhD, North Carolina State University and Kerr Dow, PhD, Cargill Incorporated

Speakers: Saskia van Ruth, PhD, Wageningen Food Safety Research - BU Authenticity & Bioassays; Eric Parkin, Digital Business Leader, Cargill; Jessie Usaga, National Centre of Food Technology of the University of Costa Rica, Costa Rica; and Erdogan Ceylan, PhD, CFS, Mérieux NutriSciences

Food Allergens: A Continuously Evolving Public Health Issue

The session highlighted emerging allergens, allergens from emerging foods, and the utility of allergen thresholds from a public health perspective.

Co-Chairs: Jason Hlywka, PhD, Kraft Heinz and Stefano Luccioli, PhD, FDA

Speakers: Jamie Waldron, MD, University of North Carolina School of Medicine; Joseph Baumert, PhD, University of Nebraska – Lincoln; Lynne Haber, PhD, University of Cincinnati; Michael Abbott, PhD, Health Canada; and Kevin Boyd, PhD, The Hershey Company

Global Harmonization of Nutrient Recommendations (ASN)


The session discussed harmonizing nutrient reference values around the world, a resource toolbox to standardize recommendations, and sustaining global nutrient recommendations in the future. The session was sponsored by the American Society for Nutrition (ASN).

Co-Chairs: Connie Weaver, PhD, Purdue University Distinguished Professor Emerita and Janet King, PhD, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, University of Davis & University of Berkley

Speakers: Susan Fairweather-Tait, PhD, University of East Anglia; Janet King, PhD, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, University of California at Berkeley and Davis; and Lindsay Allen, PhD, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Agriculture Research Service

Carbohydrate Forum: Fibers, Prebiotics and Sugars

carbs forum

The session included a presentation entitled, Low Glycemic Index Foods for Metabolic Health: Fact or Fiction, given by Jeyakumar Henry, PhD, Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR), Singapore.

The presentation was followed by a discussion with the audience.






Trends in Nutrition

Trends in Nutrition
The session discussed personalized nutrition, data science and precision healthcare, future foods and alternate protein sources, and non-animal testing in food safety and nutrition.

Co-Chairs: Jeyakumar Henry, PhD, Clinical Nutrition Research Centre, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and Laurent Le Bellego, PhD, Danone

Speakers: David Zeevi, PhD, The Rockefeller University; Jose Ordovas, PhD, Jean Mayer USDA, Human Research Center on Ageing, Tufts; Wendelyn Jones PhD, ILSI North America; and Alie de Boer, PhD, University of Maastricht

Eating by the Headlines

The session  highlighted the impact of consumer choices on diet quality, health implications of trendy diets and poor food choices, and implications for the food industry.

Co-Chairs: Fergus Clydesdale, PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and Tia Rains, PhD, Ajinomoto

Speakers: Jason Riis, PhD, Behavioralize; Jacqueline A. Vernarelli, PhD, Sacred Heart University; and Eric Decker, PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Smart Packaging for a Sustainable and Healthier World

Session 6 - Packaging

The session discussed the smart packaging revolution, detection and characterization of microplastics accumulation in the food chain, and sustainability and circular economy.

Co-Chairs: Ellen de Brabander, PepsiCo and Jose Vega Baudrit, PhD, National Center of Technology of Costa Rica

Speakers: Jose Rafael Gonzalez Mendez, Vegetales Fresquita S.A.; Joseph Cotruvo, PhD, Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, LLC; and Víctor Umana, Latin American Centre for Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) at INCAE Business School



Contributions of Food Science and Technology to Assure Safe, Healthy and Smart Eating

The session was sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology (ALACCTA).

Co-Chairs: Carmela Velazquez, PhD, Univeristy of Costa Rica and Jorge Arturo Jara, ILSI Mesoamerica President / Coca-Cola

Speakers: Ana María Quirós, Universidad de Costa Rica, President of the Costa Rican Association of Food Technologists; Susana Socolovsky, PhD, CFS, President of the Argentine Association of Food Technologists; Sara Esther Valdés Martínez, PhD, University of Mexico, President of the Latin American and Caribbean Association of Food Science and Technology (ALACCTA); and Rafael Ponce de León, Mexico Laboratory of Technology in Food Quality, Cuautitlan and UNAN Mexico

MIST Scholars

The Malaspina International Scholars Travel Award is granted to exceptional early career scientists to help foster professional growth and development. Learn more about the MIST Awards Program.

Malaspina Scholars

Lightning Round Awardees

Congratulations to our Lightning Round awardees who presented Monday 20 January before the poster session.

Carolina Rojas picture

Dra. Carolina Rojas-Garbanzo

University of Costa Rica, National Center for Food Science and Technology

Recognizing Psidium Fruits as Sources of Bioactive Compounds: Supporting Smart Eating for Health and Sustainability

Katherine Sanchez Zuniga-crop

MSc. Katherine Sánchez Zúñiga

TEC / Technologico de Costa Rica

Comparison of Soil Conditions in Gros Michel Banana Plantations Infected with FUSARIUM OXYSPORUM F. SP. CUBENSE Race 1

Event Photos

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