Allergens in Food Seminar

Allergens in Food Seminar
Online, Online
November 3, 2021
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Knowledge of the nature of food allergens is essential to understand how they are assessed and how they can be regulated. In general, food allergens are proteins and most, if not all, can be allergic to some extent (Barlow et al, 2015). At present, food allergies represent a serious public health problem, due to their high incidence in developed countries and an evident increase in developing countries (Blumenstock, 2018 & Dunlop et al, 2011). But the latter do not have scientific information to support public health policy decisions and subsequent regulations for food industries and food services, so they are forced to adopt international regulations that have not considered the prevalence data of the regions. to which they belong.

The National Center for Food Science and Technology (CITA) of the University of Costa Rica has been coordinating for three years, two research and social action projects that have allowed the formation of an interdisciplinary and inter-institutional commission, in which there is representation from the academy, government, doctors, consumers, industry, and suppliers of allergen analysis kits, all linked to the food sector and the generation of an international Network with the support of the University of Nebraska and the Allergens in Food Platform.

The ILSI Mesoamerica Risk Analysis Committee will carry out a series of webinars starting in November where issues related to regulations, legislation, and steps being taken in CODEX will be analyzed and will end with a round table on the management of allergens in the Food Industry.

Guest speakers:

MSc. Amanda Lasso Cruz
CODEX Alimentarius Advisor, Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce (MEIC) of Costa Rica.

MSc. Rabeca López Calvo
Professor and Researcher and Coordinator of projects related to the management of allergens in food at the National Center for Food Science and Technology (CITA) of the University of Costa Rica.

Representatives of companies in the Food Industry

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