II REDCIMOVI Meeting: Symposium of good research practices

II REDCIMOVI Meeting: Symposium of good research practices
Guatemala City, Guatemala
August 29, 2018 – August 31, 2018
Hotel Barceló Guatemala City

REDCIMOVI is a proposal that integrates the applied research efforts among the Central American Universities in the promotion of school health, using as a main tool the human movement and related areas.

This project includes: creating research models of sustainable development, where training, promotion and prevention are the elements that help to create children and adolescents in movement. In addition, to provide a real living space, which results in a formation more attached to the problems facing the region in school health, promoting a community exchange of experiences in Central America, to promote and promote the human movement and health in childhood and adolescence.

For this second meeting that will be held in Guatemala City, the participation of representatives and researchers from each of the Universities of the Network will be available:

  • San Carlos University of Guatemala,
  • National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Leon headquarters,
  • El Salvador University,
  • Specialized University of the Americas, Panama,
  • National Pedagogical University Francisco Morazan, Honduras,
  • National University of Costa Rica.

During this meeting the results of the research carried out in each country will be announced, to know the agenda to develop can do it.

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