Training Days: Scientific evidence as a tool for development

Training Days: Scientific evidence as a tool for development
Online, Online
September 14, 2021

The use of scientific evidence as a tool for development corresponds to the reflective, explicit, critical, and reasonable use of the best available evidence for decision-making in any area that is required. It involves critical thinking and analytical reading of the evidence, two aspects that enhance science learning and promote a reflective posture.

The non-existence of training spaces on the topics listed in this project invites ILSI Mesoamerica to design and implement spaces where experts from both the region and the world share their knowledge and experiences with all those interested in the subject. Second, it is necessary to be part of the organizations that favor the understanding of science as a development tool and its use in different areas of society.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Generate a conscious region capable of accessing, interpreting, and using scientific evidence in its professional work in all areas of society.
  2. Summon world experts to participate as expert speakers in training seminars, thus promoting the exchange and development of technical capacities in this field.


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