Webinar: Bioeconomy: success stories and lessons learned. II Part

Webinar: Bioeconomy: success stories and lessons learned. II Part
San José, Costa Rica
November 23, 2020
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The bioeconomy is the production, use, conservation, and regeneration of biological resources, including knowledge, science, technology, and innovation related to these resources, to provide information, products, processes, and services to all economic sectors, with the purpose to move towards a sustainable economy. (Government of Costa Rica, 2020).

Strategic objectives for Costa Rica:

  1. Convert Costa Rica into a model country in sustainable development, taking advantage of its biological resources to promote social inclusion and equity, balanced territorial development, conservation, knowledge and sustainable use of its biodiversity, and national competitiveness
  2. Make the bioeconomy one of the pillars of the productive transformation of Costa Rica, promoting innovation, value addition, diversification, and sophistication of its economy, applying the principles of circular bioeconomy, and seeking the fossil decarbonization of the processes of production and consumption.
  3. Promote convergence between the country's wealth in biological resources and the use of national capacities in the field of biological sciences for their valorization. (Government of Costa Rica, 2020)

ILSI Mesoamerica's Biotechnology committee has been working on the development of a series of seminars in support of the National Bioeconomy Strategy. This issue is relevant not only for the development of Costa Rica but also for the entire Mesoamerican region.

The third seminar of this series is called: Bioeconomics: success stories and learnings, II Part and will be held on Monday, November 23, 2020, starting at 10 am Costa Rica time.

Guest speakers:

Dr. Mercedes Montero Vega
Researcher and Professor, School of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Costa Rica

Dr. Oscar Rojas Carrillo
School of Chemistry, Polymer Laboratory (POLIUNA), National University of Costa Rica

Dr. Arturo Luna Tapia
National Program of Science, Technology, and Innovation in Biotechnology and the Colombia BIO Program

MSc. Carolina Balián González
Office of Agricultural Programming and Policies of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries of Uruguay

Eng. Victor Vargas Gamboa
Coordinator Sustainable Production Transfer and Technology Technical Management, Coffee Institute of Costa Rica

Dr. Bernardo Silva
Co-Founder at ThinkBrasil

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