Food security is a public health priority. Access to sufficient and safe food is a basic and essential human need to create a world without hunger and achieve the reduction of poverty throughout the world. One of the main challenges of the region will be to increase the quality and production of food in the face of climate change, while seeking environmental sustainability.

The objective of this committee is to promote the participatory development of sets of future socioeconomic / climate scenarios for 2 countries of Central America and the Caribbean, to guide and test investment and research plans for small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, including farmers, cooperatives and agricultural organizations. research who support the agro-food chain, both in terms of primary production processes, and for the national and regional agro-food companies that depend on are established in the region.

Each of the scenarios will be based on trends or future drivers of change that will shape the development of future food production, food security and consumer choices. Stakeholders to participate and benefit from the initiative will be from the public and private sector, as well as from academic institutions and research organizations.

Activities carried out in 2020:

1- Webinar: A Planetary Health-Health, Post COVID-19 food systems and Regenerative Development, carried out in May. Read more…