Medical equipment and supplies

The work committees of ILSI Mesoamerica are the spaces in which academia, governments, and industry establish joint work opportunities and develop activities for the region.

The purpose of this committee is to train representatives of the Tecnovigilance Departments of the Ministries of Health and of Health Care Organizations of the Central American Region, on Good Tecnovigilance Practices and the necessary resources for their implementation.

Among the topics that will be discussed in the forums of companies in the medical device sector are:

  • Research: development and validation of calibration methods for medical equipment; medical metrology
  • Medical metrology training plan for the region.
  • Sustainability and eco-bio-friendly.
  • Creation of a certified laboratory in Costa Rica.
  • Human resource training needs in the medical device industry.
  • Convergent and emerging technologies: Nanotechnology and ICT for simulation.

Activities carried out 2019:

1- Innovation Conference of biomedical metrology applied to quality control in medical equipment, carried out in December in San José, Costa Rica. Read more…

Activities carried out 2018:

1- Conference: Companies in the medical device sector: nanotechnology and certification, carried out in September in San Jose, Costa Rica. Read more…

2- Conference: Latest trends and regulatory issues in the medical device market in the United States and Canada, carried out in October in San Jose, Costa Rica. Read more…