Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The ILSI Mesoamerica working committees are the spaces in which academia, governments, and industry establish joint work opportunities and develop activities for the region.

The current concept of sustainability appears for the first time in the Brundtland Report, published in 1987. Also called Our Common Future, this document prepared for the United Nations warned for the first time about the negative environmental consequences of economic development and globalization, trying to offer solutions to the problems derived from industrialization and population growth.

Decades later, sustainability tries to guarantee the needs of the present without compromising future generations. How? Without giving up any of the three essential pillars: environmental protection, social development, and economic growth.

In 2022, this committee will begin work focused on the following areas:

  • Strategies to reduce food loss and waste in the supply chain.
  • Fulfillment of global goals in the region.
  • Circular bioeconomy.
  • One Health Strategy
  • Application of artificial intelligence in food systems for sustainability.