The work committees of ILSI Mesoamerica are spaces in which academia, governments and industry establish joint work opportunities and develop activities for the region.

This committee held its first working session on October 3, 2016, making it the newest committee of ILSI Mesoamerica.

In its first session the committee makes the decision to work on three major issues:

Work areas

We want to put at your disposal the book “Water Quality in the Americas: risks and opportunities, which was launched in the framework of Water Day. The book is the effort of 21 countries where Costa Rica participated in the preparation of a chapter, this activity took place in the City of Research of the University of Costa Rica.

The book refers to the current condition of each country with respect to water quality, proposes possible solutions and exposes some successful experiences that are currently underway. “Costa Rica is a country of contrasts: on the one hand, the country is recognized for its efforts in the environmental field and conservation, so that many consider it as a green country and has also achieved excellent drinking water coverage; but, on the other hand, the country presents severe pollution in most of its urban and some rural rivers. Fortunately, although the task is great, important efforts are being made to address these problems. “

If you want to download the book you can do it here