Present Knowledge in Nutrition

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Building off of the success of previous editions and co-published with The International Life Sciences Institute, Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Eleventh Edition provides an accessible, highly readable, referenced, source of the most current, reliable, and comprehensive information in the broad field of nutrition.

Now broken into two separate volumes and updated to reflect scientific advancements since the publication of its tenth edition, Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Eleventh Edition includes expanded coverage on the topics of basic nutrition and metabolism and clinical and applied topics in nutrition.

The first volume, Present Knowledge in Nutrition: Basic Nutrition and Metabolism, provides in-depth coverage of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary components and concludes with new approaches in nutrition science that apply to many, if not all, of the nutrients and dietary components presented throughout the reference.

The second volume, Present Knowledge in Nutrition: Clinical and Applied Topics in Nutrition, addresses life stage nutrition and maintaining health, weight management and food choices, nutrition surveillance, measurement, and regulation, and covers major topics in clinical nutrition and medical nutrition therapy.

Authored by an international group of subject-matter experts, with the guidance of four editors with complementary areas of expertise, Present Knowledge in Nutrition, Eleventh Edition will continue to be a go-to resource for advanced undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students in nutrition, public health, medicine, and related fields; professionals in academia and medicine, including clinicians, dietitians, physicians, and other health professionals; and academic, industrial, and government researchers focusing on nutrition and public health.

  • Provides an accessible, highly readable, referenced source of the most current, reliable, and comprehensive information in the broad field of nutrition.
  • Features new chapters on topics of emerging importance, including the microbiome, eating disorders, military nutrition in extreme environments, role of nutrition and cognition in mental status, and use of biomarkers to assess nutrient intakes.
  • Contains more comprehensive coverage of topics of clinical relevance, including pathophysiology and the role of nutrition in cancer support, ICU nutrition, and nutrition support of patients with burns, wasting, deconditioning, and hypermetabolic conditions.