Beyond PASSCLAIM – Guidance to Substantiate Health Claims on Foods

ILSI Europe Report Series. 2010:1-24

The workshop “Beyond PASSCLAIM – Guidance to substantiate health claims on foods” was held in Nice, France from 14-16 December 2009 and brought together over 70 experts from industry, academia and public bodies to discuss guidelines to establish beneficial effects of functional foods.

The event was organised as a joint effort of four different expert groups. The aim was to discuss two draft guidelines related to health claim substantiation, guidance for design and reporting of human intervention studies and for a standardised approach to prove the efficacy of foods and food constituents. In addition, expert group work evaluating the PASSCLAIM criteria using polyphenols and antioxidant activity as an example was presented. The workshop also initiated a discussion on guidelines for quality standards to apply in nutrition research involving human subjects.

The purpose of this summary report is to share the comments that were made during the parallel sessions. The views expressed in this publication do not represent the views of the authors or institutions or companies, nor a consensus of the workshop. It should be considered as a summary of the feedback provided by the workshop participants.

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