ILSI Research Spotlight

Our latest newsletter focuses on updates from each of ILSI U.S. and Canada’s portfolios. Since its launch just two years ago, ILSI U.S. and Canada has been having an impact on health, nutrition, and food safety research.

If you have new ideas or you’re interested in any of the initiatives described below, please reach out to our team to learn more and help us fuel scientific research for healthier diets, safer food, and a greener planet!

Applications of Globally Harmonized Nutrients

In the Media: Calcium Bioavailability Algorithm 

Researchers working with ILSI published this calcium bioavailability algorithm in The Journal of Nutrition. The next phase of the project will use this algorithm to determine regional calcium deficiencies across the globe.

This research has been featured in Food Industry Executive and Nutraceutical Business Review.

A nutrition research portfolio from ILSI U.S. and Canada focuses on globally harmonized nutrients

Framework to Develop Bioavailability Prediction Equations

More than 20 international researchers have been working with ILSI on a framework to guide the development of Bioavailability Prediction Equations – or algorithms – for various vitamins and minerals. This framework will be instrumental in identifying nutrient deficiencies and improving food labeling practices. Work with ILSI to revolutionize the way we understand nutrient uptake

Bioactives, Functional Foods, and Supplements

ILSI U.S. and Canada nutrition research focuses on bioactives, functional foods, and supplements

Framework to Develop Recommended Intake Ranges for Bioactive Supplements

ILSI researchers are developing a framework for recommended intake ranges of bioactive supplements. Once published, this framework will help support the safe and effective use of these supplements. Join us in paving the path for a new era of nutritional excellence

ILSI's nutrition-focused research on lutein aims to support vision and eye health for consumers

New! Recommended Intake Ranges for Lutein

We are excited to announce our pursuit of funding to develop recommended intake ranges for lutein. Dive deeper into this proposed research to enhance communication about adequate lutein intake, supporting vision and eye health for consumers.

ILSI U.S. and Canada research on coffee aims to elevate this brew from an indulgence to a potential nutritional powerhouse

Scoping Review for Coffee

We are seeking new collaborations to establish evidence-based dietary consumption recommendations for everyone’s favorite brew, coffee. Help us elevate the status of coffee from an everyday indulgence to a potential nutritional powerhouse. 

Healthy Aging, Geriatrics, and Sarcopenia

Improving Sarcopenia Awareness within Our Community

We are seeking funding and new collaborations to launch a public health awareness campaign to enhance sarcopenia education and empower individuals to thrive at every stage of life. Join us as we bridge the gap between research, nutrition, healthcare, and hope for a healthier tomorrow.

Risk Assessment of Cultivated Food Products

Categorization of Manufacturing Components in Cellular Agriculture: A Tripartite Perspective for Safety Assessment

Nine scientists are currently working with ILSI to categorize components used in cellular agriculture media according to aspects like utility, physiochemical properties, safe and permissible levels, and more. This research will be published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed publication. Work with ILSI as we help shape the future of food safety and microbiology, where science meets sustainability and innovation.

New ILSI Research Portfolios:

  • Sustainability, Food, and Nutrition Security

  • The Microbiome

Both these projects are still in development. Have ideas? Email us or talk to us at ASN's Nutrition 2024 conference.

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ILSI attends ASN's Nutrition 2024 Conference in Chicago, Illinois, June 29 - July 2, 2024

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