Basic Food Processing Courses Workshop

Basic Food Processing Courses Workshop- for a Better Understanding about Food Processing
Taipei, Taichung and Tainan, Taiwan
2017-09-09 – 2017-09-23
9:20 AM – 5:20 PM


There are some nutrition professionals in Taiwan who have a general conception that processed foods are not healthy, or even unsafe, which has led to consumer misunderstandings about processed foods. To decrease these misunderstandings, ILSI Taiwan will hold 3 workshops in Taipei (northern Taiwan), Taichung (central Taiwan), and Tainan (southern Taiwan), providing basic courses on food processing and food additives.


International Life Sciences Institute Taiwan (ILSI Taiwan)


Nutrition Society of Taiwan,
Taiwan Dietitian Association,
Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University (NTU) (Taipei session),
Department of Nutrition, China Medical University, Taiwan (Taichung session)
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (Tainan session)

Taipei session

Date: Sep 9 (Saturday), 2017
Time: 09:20-17:20
Venue: International Conference Hall, Institute of Applied Mechanics, NTU


ILSI Taiwan Nutrition Committee Chair, Dr. Ching Jang Huang speaks on "Introduction: The Beauty and the Sorrow of Processed Foods".

ILSI Taiwan President Chen speaks on "The Purpose of Food Processing and Its Basic Principles". 

Dr. Chung-Liang Chu, Senior Research Fellow from Food Industry Research and Development Institute speaks on "Introduction to Traditional Food Processing Methods" and "Modern Food Processing Technology".

ILSI Taiwan Executive Director, Dr. Jenny Chang, speaks on "Introduction to Food Additives".

About 140 participants attended the Taipei session.

Q&A session

Taichung session

Date: Sep 16 (Sat), 2017
Time: 09:20-17:20
Venue: Room 103, Lifu Medical Building, China Medical University

Tainan session
Date: Sep 23 (Sat), 2017
Time: 09:20-17:20
Venue: No.3 Lecture Hall, International Conference Hall, Kuang-Fu Campus, National Cheng Kung University

 For more information of this event, please contact Ms. Arlene Yang, Nutrition Committee Project Manager.