ILSI Taiwan 2016 Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium

ILSI Taiwan 2016 Annual Meeting
Taipei, Taiwan
9:00 AM – 4:50 PM
Tsai Lecture Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University

Summary of the Event

ILSI Taiwan held its 4th annual meeting and scientific symposium on April 22, 2016. Seven domestic experts, as well as the Chair of Codex Committee on Food Additives (CCFA), Dr. Junshi Chen, were invited to speak on topics related to risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, Taiwan case studies and the role of law in risk assessment.

The main objective of the symposium was to share the knowledge and experience of these experts with local stakeholders in hope of facilitating the development of the food safety risk assessment field in Taiwan as well as fostering the safety and confidence of consumers in Taiwan.

To this effect, over three hundred participants, with representation from academia, industry, government, and the general public, have attended the one-day symposium.

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