ILSI Taiwan 2017 Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium

ILSI Taiwan 2017 Annual Meeting & Scientific Symposium- Food Contact Materials: Their Quality, Safety and Control Management
Taipei, Taiwan
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
International Conference Hall of Tsai Lecture Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University


The definition of Food Contact Materials (FCMs) by European Commission is "materials or articles which contact food during its production, processing, storage, preparation and serving and whose constituents neither adversely affect consumer health nor influence the quality of food". The examples include containers to transport food, machinery to process food, packaging materials, kitchen materials and tableware. In countries like the U.S.A., Europe and Japan, the relevant standards in managing quality and safety have been developed, while Taiwan has stipulated some control measures and is undergoing further improvement. The symposium features international and local experts with the objective to share their knowledge and experience with local stakeholders. This will be beneficial in future strategic development in managing food contact materials to strengthen consumer confidence in food safety.


International Life Sciences Institute Taiwan (ILSI Taiwan)


Graduate Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University (NTU)


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Welcome Remarks

Foreign Speakers

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Moderators presented souvenirs to speakers.

Panel Discussion

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For more information, please visit our Chinese web page of this event, or contact Ms. Amy Wu, Scientific Program Associate.