Thank You for Your Dedication

Beth Brueggemeyer retires after 32 years of service to ILSI.

It is a bittersweet occasion saying goodbye to Beth Brueggemeyer, who retired from ILSI at the end of March. ILSI Founding President Alex Malaspina hired Ms. Brueggemeyer and after three decades she is steeped in ILSI history and lore. Most recently, she supported the ILSI executive director and ILSI legal counsel.

If you don’t know Ms. Brueggemeyer personally, you may have still encountered her if you ever attended an ILSI annual meeting. She was the one who managed the speaker ready room, ensuring presenters were comfortable, relaxed, and secure in the knowledge their presentations would go smoothly. She tackled everything she did for ILSI with quiet patience. She was quick to engage members, advisors, and new staff, and she was generous with her friendship.

We wish Ms. Brueggemeyer much happiness in retirement.

ILSI News | March 2017
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