First National Seminar on Personalized / Precision Nutrition for Sustainable Health: From Theory to Practice

First National Seminar on Personalized / Precision Nutrition for Sustainable Health: From Theory to Practice
New Delhi , India
3:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Nutrition and Health are intimately linked and the scientific evidence that underpins the relationship forms the basis for nutrition recommendations. Dietary guidelines evolved in different countries provide guidance on dietary recommendations for general population according to age, activity, pregnancy and lactation.

Traditionally, nutrition science assumed that all people absorb and metabolize nutrients in a similar manner and that differences in daily requirements are based primarily on age, sex, pregnancy, and breastfeeding status. However, current evidence has shown that people's metabolisms respond differently to dietary components and diets due to the differences in genetics, lifestyle, gut microbiome, epigenetics, environmental exposure, and current nutritional status (Martin et al., 2017). This has led to the beginning of the era of Personalized or Precision Nutrition and the concept of “Food is Medicine” for better health.

Precision or Personalized Nutrition addresses the large heterogeneity in individual’s responses to diet on the basis of their metabolic profile, background, dietary habits, eating pattern, phenotype, genetic mapping or background, biochemical parameters or blood biomarkers, anthropometrics, sleeping pattern (circadian rhythm) , physical activity, microbiome, food environment, health status, socio-economic, psychosocial characteristics, and environmental factors. It involves tailoring of nutrition based on the specific requirements of each person i.e., it can be general wellbeing or specific conditions.

The goal for the future of nutrition, and personalized nutrition in particular, should be to provide recommendations that are complete solutions in terms of whole foods, including fortified foods, and supplements that meet the needs and goals of the individual. The Personalized / Precision Nutrition recommendations have to form part of public health strategies and require supportive evidence built on biological mechanisms, observational studies, and nutrition and dietary interventions. They have to be built on scientifically validated rules according to established criteria.

There may be various ways to impart advice such as decision tree approach, crowd coaching, diet/nutrition recommendation, algorithm, individual advice, apps. The industry will have to take the initiative to produce products according to general trends catering to Personalized / Precision Nutrition. Such products have to be easy to use as, high quality, affordable , accessible and tasty.

An effective, efficient and productive regime of Personalized / Precision Nutrition has to be built by effective public private partnership involving research institutes, government, industry, medical professionals, dieticians, nutritionists , experts on Artificial Intelligence and requires good infrastructure in the form of laboratories and trained manpower.


The Seminar will look at:

  •  The need for Personalized or Precision Nutrition.
  • Personalized/ Precision Nutrition in Indian traditional knowledge.
  • Current status of personalized or precision nutrition in India as well as global.
  • Development of scientifically sound, practical, clinically relevant Personalized Nutrition solutions to address health issues.
  • The diagnostics technologies or tools that have been used for personalized or precision nutrition.
  • Best research practices for benefits and risk associated with personalized nutrition and Identify research needs. How the challenges of infrastructure, expensive technology, trained manpower, resource constraints (Laboratory for Genetic Testing), gaps in research can be overcome.
  • Whether personalized nutrition or precision nutrition will be able to check non-communicable. diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer etc.
  • Roles of different stakeholders in implementing personalized or precision nutrition.
  • How the science can be applied to develop products.
  • Value of personalized nutrition approach for nutrition care process.
  • Look at the issues about privacy of data - protecting consumer privacy in the use of precision nutrition, technologies and tests, data management, prevention of misuse (insurance and others).


A Monograph on Personalized or Precision Nutrition; Best Practices, Principle/ Guidelines.


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