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The ILSI Federation just released its newsletter pertaining to risk analysis, which covers risk assessments of food ingredients, bioactives and novel foods, as well as hazard assessment approaches and capacity building on risk analysis.

Help Celebrate ILSI's 45th Anniversary!

2023 is our 45th anniversary! ILSI has had many accomplishments over the years, and we look forward to the next 45 years of innovative science and research. To celebrate, please consider making a donation to help us sustain our work.

Now available: ILSI's new book about food safety!

Present Knowledge in Food Safety is a comprehensive resource that addresses food safety concerns and scientific advancements along the farm-to-consumption supply chain.

A new episode of the Nutrition Reviews podcast is available

In this episode, two co-authors discuss the effects of dietary polyphenols in adults with diabetic kidney disease.

ILSI: Collaborative science for safe, nutritious and sustainable food.

ILSI is a global, nonprofit federation committed to improving public and planetary health worldwide by convening representatives from the academic, public and private sectors to advance evidence-based scientific research. Read more about our mission, vision and operating principles.

Who is ILSI?

ILSI convenes scientists at the forefront of research on nutrition, food safety and sustainability, and operates within a framework of the highest principles of scientific integrity. ILSI's trusted experts and volunteers around the world work synergistically and transparently across academia and the public and private sectors.

ILSI at a Glance

10 entities worldwide

28 scientific publications

66 workshops, conferences, & scientific meetings

42,814 science video views on YouTube


Integrity in Science

Scientific Integrity is essential to developing sound science that benefits society. 

ILSI believes researchers from academia and the public and private sectors can and should work together on science and health issues of common interest or concern. Public-private collaboration – where all interests, conflicts and biases are declared and all funding is acknowledged – can improve the science used to promote the health and safety of the public and the environment. Learn more.


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Public Benefit

All of ILSI’s scientific activities must have a primary public purpose and benefit.


ILSI believes scientists from industry, government, academia and other sectors of society can and should work together to identify and address topics of common interest.


All of ILSI's activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner with outcomes made publicly available.

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ILSI has been generating and advancing emerging science and research since 1978.

ILSI has worked with some of the most renowned scientists around the world, who contribute to ILSI in-kind by volunteering their time, and our community has had many accomplishments over the years. While ILSI has been through a lot of changes over the past few years, what our community values has remained steady:

  • Leadership.

    ILSI leads through collaborative science and groundbreaking research to guide decision making and to overcome global food challenges.

  • Integrity.

    ILSI literally wrote the book on scientific integrity, and our principles provide the framework for all our work and publications.

  • Sustainability.

    ILSI looks to the future with initiatives focused on climate and the environment to ensure populations around the world have access to safe and nutritious foods.

In celebration of our 45th anniversary year, please consider making a donation to help us sustain our work. Your support will bolster our mission and promote our goal of improving public and planetary health worldwide.

ILSI is a non-profit, charitable organization organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. ILSI does not engage in lobbying or political activities. All contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by U.S. tax law.