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The One ILSI philosophy encourages ILSI entities to work together to identify and resolve outstanding scientific questions in four thematic areas that capture the core of ILSI’s work: food and water safety; toxicology and risk assessment; nutrition and health; and agricultural sustainability and nutrition security. The ILSI network is committed to improving scientific knowledge in these four areas, and the One ILSI strategy demonstrates how our impact reaches across the globe.

Examples of collaborative projects carried out in the spirit of One ILSI are featured here.

Healthy Aging - What Can We Learn from Geography and Culture?

Sofia Amarra, PhD, ILSI Southeast Asia Region, is spearheading a project to identify factors across geography contributing to healthy aging and to create an aging profile among countries. Dr. Amarra is coordinating the work of in-country principle investigators identified by the participating ILSI entities. Investigators are are examining the best evidence available regarding demographic and other characteristics contributing to healthy vs. pathological aging. Several peer-reviewed publications will result from this work.

This topic was originally identified for a potential One ILSI project in 2013. ILSI entities worked together to hone focus and design protocols in order to ensure data is comparable among the country-specific studies. The following entities are supporting work in 10 countries: ILSI Argentina; ILSI-India; ILSI Korea; ILSI Mesoamerica; Southeast Asia Region; and ILSI Taiwan.

Dr. Amarra gave an update to the program in January 2017. Her presentation is available here: Healthy Aging Update and Next Steps

For more information, contact Dr. Amarra: ilsisea@singnet.com.sg.